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All Things Caribbean: Tanya Stephans Does Not Approve of the US’s Vaccine Mandate

This is Zestoile Rivett, bringing you the most updated news from the Caribbean. Every week, I hope to bring information on what’s going on in different islands throughout the Caribbean and shine some light on issues that we all should be aware of. It is so easy to get “caught” up in our own little world, that we fail to look around us…globally. This News Update will be focused on the island, Trinidad and Tobago.

Tanya Stephens– A Jamaican Reggae and Dancehall singer and Deejay, who emerged in the late 1990’s. Stephens is well known for songs like: “These Streets”, “Corners of my Mind”, “Broken People”, “It’s a Pity”, and “Big Things a Gwaan”.

Stephens announced via Instagram that she would not be traveling anywhere that violates her human rights. This comes in response to the UNITED STATES of AMERICA’S mandate announced earlier this week that come November 8th, all non-immigrant, non-citizen air travelers will be required to provide proof of vaccination status before boarding any flight to the country. For more information, read this

President Joe Biden is to sign an order on Monday imposing new vaccine requirements for most foreign national air travelers and lifting severe travel restrictions on China, India, and much more Europe effective November 8th.

This reaction may have also been in response to the Prime Minister of Jamaica, recent comments about people secretly taking jabs (taking the vaccine) while publicly discouraging others. According to Loop News, the Prime Minister of Jamaica, while addressing the House of Representatives on Tuesday, urged Jamaicans not to be tricked by persons who are condemning vaccinations, stating that: the greatest irony is that some of the very persons who are preaching against the vaccines, they have gone quietly and privately and gotten vaccinated.

Vocalizing a very strong anti-vaccination stance, Stephens has been using Instagram to encourage her 89,000 followers to, amongst other things, boycott businesses that issued mandatory vaccination orders.

Stephens posted: If 2.5 million unvaccinated Jamaicans stop paying taxes, the economy and government will crash. If they refuse medical care for the unvaccinated, refuse taxes. Strike and boycott any business that requires vaccine cards that violates your medical privacy.

Article Written By: Zestoile Rivett | Born and raised in Trinidad, as Laverne Wong-Shing, this new writer love talking about her culture and heritage. Laverne loves adventure, traveling to exotic lands, and speaking with the locals. A mother of three, a handsome boy’s grandmother, and an older sister to three brothers. Her dream is to publish travel guides and become a designer of Carnival costumes for one of the biggest Mas bands in Trinidad and Tobago.


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