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Anything is Possible with Possible Cosmetics! CEO Creates a Beauty Line For the Everyday Woman

Renata Eileena is the owner of Renata Eileena shoes and Possible Cosmetics. She has been in business for three years and her newest venture is Possible Cosmetics. Renata’s brand Renata Eileena has had the great honor to be featured on VH1, FOX29philly, and other local media circuits.


Patrice: What is your Swagher? What makes Renata, Renata?

Renata: I would have to say my ability to be authentic and transparent makes me ME! If any of your readers know me or even, follow me personally on social media they know I spare no expense to nothing lol! I’m brutally honest, I probably say things that people are thinking but wouldn’t dare say lol. I’m raw I come with a “what you see is what you get” vibe and I’m very proud of that

Patrice: Yes, knowing you for a couple of years via social media, I have gotten to know you some. LOL. So, tell us more about your business and the audience you are trying to reach with your services.

Renata: Sure! So, I’m the founder and CEO of Possible Cosmetics a luxury cosmetic line out of the Philadelphia area. My audience is the everyday woman, the 9-5 woman, the single mom, the student, and budding entrepreneur. We carry products for ever woman who wants to feel beautiful and inspiration at the same time.

Patrice: This is awesome! Beauty is so important! If you could give one piece of advice to an aspiring entrepreneur, what would it be?

Renata: STAY THE COURSE!!! I see so many new entrepreneurs who start off strong but when things start to get rough (and it will get rough) they either quit or switch businesses! When I see this kind of stuff it lets me know one of two things. Its either the business they were in wasn’t something they had a true passion for, or they gave up to early once the tough times in business hit! I don’t care what social media displays, it will get rough, money will get inconsistent, and you will have to ride through that storm just like all the greats had too. None of the household names became that way from giving up and you shouldn’t either!!

Patrice: I think those are important tips for new and aspiring business owners. Once you start a business, don’t quit, keep going even when things get tough! What made you want to start a beauty brand? Give us the deets.

Renata: As a child I always dreamed of being a household name in fashion and beauty. After switching gears from my custom shoe design business, I decided in 2016 to follow my ultimate dream of starting my own cosmetic line.

Patrice: Follow your dream and vision, I hear ya! As an entrepreneur, have you faced any challenges? If so, how did you come up with a solution for them?

Renata: Girl, lol, sometimes I feel like that’s all I face is challenges!! It can really be rough to be completely honest. However, one thing I realized there truly is a solution for every problem you face! Its all about really taking the time out to figure out what that will have to be. There is always a work around its about being creative and finding out how you can overcome it that’s how I look at it

Patrice: You are really dropping gems! So your products are currently in Wal-Mart. Are there any other retail stores that people can find Possible Cosmetics?

Renata: Yes! We’ve added our product to I’m super excited about that! Since COVID we have halted our retail store operation and you can get all of quality cosmetics on our newly designed website However, we have our eyes on the shelves at TARGET!!!

Patrice: Oh yea! Target is a great store to have Possible Cosmetics in! A lot of people shop there and it’s great for new customers! Now the market of make-up and beauty products are in demand. What can you tell us as far as some marketing strategies you use to build your clientele and sell your products?

Renata: Amazing question!!! So, one marketing strategy that has really help with getting my brand to a wider audience is running Facebook and Instagram ads! It’s a skill that you master by trial and error but it really does bring in new customers and sales!

Patrice: Facebook and Instagram ads are important! And you have to do a trial and error from time to time because you may not always get the results you are looking for. What has being a black woman in business taught you?

Renata: A lot!! I have to work harder one as a woman of color and two because I’m a woman sometimes men in business (some not all) see me and don’t take me seriously. Or they see me as an attractive woman and instead of them trying to do business they get all googly eyed and want to date lol.

Patrice: I agree with you on that one! Sometimes people don’t take you seriously because you are a woman and of color. Therefore, have you faced any diversity of being an entrepreneur?

Renata: Yes, first I think diversity is necessary in business from your customers to the people you interact with and do business with. I’ve been blessed to travel the world with my brand and meet a lot of people  from different backgrounds.

Patrice: How does your products differ from other beauty products?

Renata: Ahh I love this question lol😊 Outside of the fact that we are the HOME of the waterproof lipsticks and now lash glue what differs us is simply this! ME! How people experience my brand. It’s as simple as that how you experience Fenty beauty and Possible Cosmetics will be completely different and in a good way of course! I provide quality and value to my customers and that alone makes us different!

Patrice: When you provide quality and value, people will keep coming back to you for more!  Do you have anything new that you are working on for the remainder of the year?

Renata: Now that I have relaunched Possible Cosmetics, I am finally finishing my second book!  Y’all pray for me because I can’t sit long enough to write a sentence lol but I do believe this book is needed and something different from me so fingers crossed book #2 will be coming out soon



Connect with Renata:

Facebook: Possiblecosmetics

Instagram: @Possiblecosmetics






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