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Author Spotlight: Angela Allen Johnson

Angela Allen Johnson is the CEO/Founder of The Angela Johnson Group. She is affectionately known as #TheMother #TheMinister #TheMogul due to the many hats she wears and how she was called to minister to others. 

Having been married to a marine for eight years. Angela has traveled as far west as Honolulu and as far east as Charleston, South Carolina. She was licensed into ministry in Charleston and later ordained when the marriage ended in 1988. It was then, later in 2000 that she started her evangelistic outreach ministry. Believing that her job in the body of Christ was to help mature its members, she hosted what was called then “Sons and Daughters.” Later, God would call Angela to the office of a prophet.

True to her nickname, Angela is quite the business mogul, as she is an author, life coach, and notary. Get more familiar with the woman of God below. 


Fancy: You sought to be an entrepreneur upon retiring from a career in childhood education. What inspired this decision, and was it difficult to get started? 

Angela: When I wrote my second book, When Destiny and Purpose Kiss Destiny is Born, I was on a news broadcast. The caption under my name read: #TheMother #TheMinister #TheMogul. That statement was very fitting for me. I raised my children, VaShaun Mosby (41) and Dwanae Johnson (40), and while raising them, I was called into ministry. After retiring from Early Childhood Education, I pursued my business, The Angela Johnson Group LCC, full-time.

Fancy: You sought to be an entrepreneur upon retiring from a career in childhood education. What inspired this decision, and was it difficult to get started? 

Angela: Becoming an entrepreneur was in my blood. My father was a business owner when I was a child. He owned a laundry mat; several apartments, and he had excellent money management skills, which was a tremendous help for me and the businesses that I have. I have been in business for many years. I started off by opening a family home daycare to teach my youngest daughter. Later I published a “how to” manual to” help others follow that pattern. Later, I started an evangelistic outreach in my community. Its focus was, and still is, women in ministry.

Fancy: What was it that attracted you to life coaching?

Angela: I have counseled many through my years in ministry, so I decided to create a life coaching business. I coach in the areas of exploring your purpose and parenting. I have a signature program, “From Diapers to Degrees.” I am a writing coach for those interested in writing, and I am also a mobile notary in my area and a public speaker.

Fancy: What problem do you typically see most among your clients? 

Angela: The problem I see with my clients typically is what to do as empty nesters. They are searching for a new direction once their children are launched, and they may be getting close to retirement. I help people get back to their unexplored dreams and desires and possibly make money while doing it.

Fancy: What sparked your interest in writing? 

Angela: I have been an avid reader since my childhood. I received my love of reading from my mother. My parents provided many types of books and literature in our home. I was shy and found great solace in books and poetry. In 2009, my mother was dying of Alzheimer-related disease, and my youngest daughter was in the Iraq war. My mother was the keeper of stories, and I had to ensure they were handed down to my children and grandchildren correctly.

Fancy: That’s really beautiful. So tell us about your latest book, The Healing Power of Forgiveness.

Angela: The Healing Power of Forgiveness was written during Covid 19 to address the areas where many get stuck. I did some serious soul-searching and came up with this very raw and transparent look at my journey of forgiveness and how it changed my life. 

Fancy: You also have a journal. Tell us a little about that. 

Angela: My book, Journey Therapy for Relationships, is a self-exploration of what to do when you are single, engaged, married to being divorced, and single again. The journal helps you ask yourself the hard questions and gain insight into who you really are and what you really want in a partner. It can be completed as a group, as a couple, or by yourself.

Fancy: Are you working on any new books? 

Angela: My new book just came out this year. I am focusing my attention on a journal to go with that piece to be done by different groups and organizations. Forgiveness is the gift that you give to yourself.

Fancy: Where can readers connect with you?

Angela: If readers are looking to connect with me, they can do so through my website: http://www.theallenjohnsongroup.com

Facebook: Angela Allen Johnson

Email: aaljohn5@yahoo.ocm

I’m also on Linkedin and Instagram.

Francheska Felder
Francheska Felderhttp://swagheronline.com
Francheska “Fancy” Felder is an award-winning editor, publisher, publicist, and quiet Southern media mogul. In 2010, she launched SwagHer Magazine, an empowerment and lifestyle publication for the Black woman who likes to keep it real, which also doubles as a PR boutique. SwagHer Magazine uses positive media and storytelling to create new narratives and mindsets around Black women, their communities, and the businesses and organizations they lead, while the boutique strategically executes press and brand campaigns. The proud SU alum is also the publicist for Power Influence Radio and hostess of the CEO Chatter LIVE Podcast. Because she battles with bipolar disorder, Fancy is a proud mental health advocate.

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