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Author Spotlight: Kim Bullock-Hennix

Lifestyle and abundance coach Kim Bullock-Hennix specializes in abundant mindset, personal development, and spiritual teaching. She is also a transformational speaker, author, founder, and advocate for the Ambitious Women Movement. Kim’s powerful coaching sets her clients apart from the ordinary by teaching her clients to step into their God-given destiny by dismissing the bankrupt mindset, uprooting a poverty mentality, and embracing royalty as part of their spiritual DNA! Kim provides the key to elevating your mindset and rising above a lack lifestyle by developing a hunger or craving to rise above a current struggle of mediocrity. Her strategic coaching provides the spiritual nutrients necessary to align with royal protocol, thrive supernaturally, and eliminate the broken mentality. Kim’s signature program’s “Lack to Luxury ” and “God Size Assignment™” have been a huge success impacting the lives of countless women worldwide. You will unlock your full potential to reach meaningful, important objectives to serve powerfully when you invest in Kim’s coaching.

Kim’s anointed training sets her clients apart from the ordinary by mastering the art of facilitating systematic processes to enhance their work ethic performance.

Following the calling on her life to transform lives from scarcity to overflow. She is passionate about teaching women to unleash the Queen within to reign supreme by walking in their power and authority as a daughter of the King. “They are royalty, and I often use the slogan Crown On to remind them of their royal inheritance.”  It’s time for women to answer their calling to Queen and operate at a higher level of excellence. 

Kim has a Bachelor of Science in Communications and a Master’s degree in a Science of Entrepreneurial and Organizational Leadership with an emphasis in Christian Ministry. She serves the multitudes with her online community as a women’s empowerment leader, mastermind facilitator, elevation mindset expert, executive producer, and radio show host of Brown Suga Radio.


Christina: What is your SwagHer? What makes Kim, Kim?

Kim:  My SwagHer is the ability to authentically connect with an individual or an audience and transform their life by deeply penetrating on a cellular level. 

Christina: You are the founder of the Ambitious Women Movement. Why did you decide to open up this foundation? 

Kim: I love people, and I especially enjoy advocating for women. Sometimes we can become our own worst enemy. I want to see us at the best versions ourselves. I knew that women who have big dreams and ambition needed a safe space to rejuvenate and realign with their purpose. 

Christina: You teach women how to unleash the queen within. Can you explain to our readers what you mean by that? 

Kim: Yes, I teach all of my clients and ambitious women that God hand-selected them for a special assignment. They have royal DNA flowing through their veins. Every morning when they wake up, I want them to visualize themselves wearing a heavenly crown. I never want anyone to allow others to knock their crown off. Choosing to take the High Road in life is not always easy, but it is always worth it. When I teach about unleashing the queen within, this reminds women of their spiritual inheritance as a daughter of our heavenly Father. They have the ability to manifest a fabulous life beyond what they ever imagined. When they unleash the queen within and allow God to prevail, they can execute from a place of power and not poverty in their lives. They are royalty. 

Christina: Please explain a little bit about your programs, “Lack to Luxury” and “God Size Assignment.”

Kim: My “Lack to Luxury” online program is designed for the individual who is trapped in a vicious cycle of lack spiritually, emotionally, physically, and financially. Lack stems from a poverty mindset. I create unique strategic steps for my clients by mastering the art of facilitating systematic processes to enhance their work ethic performance, which will increase their growth mindsets. I transition their mental patterns to think bigger, so they will achieve greater. God size assignment is a product that teaches clients how to step out of their human ability and to allow God to take the pilot seat in their life. We often try to throw God in the backseat or try to co-pilot with him. However, what we fail to recognize is that his thoughts are higher than our thoughts and his abilities are higher than our abilities. When we learn to trust him fully, this is when we will see his greatest works perform in our life. 

“God’s Size Assignment” coaching program is about trusting God with something so big that you get butterflies in your stomach. Learning to release your faith to the unknown outcomes. This strategic coaching provides the spiritual nutrients necessary to thrive supernaturally and eliminate the broken mentality. You will unlock your full potential to reach meaningful, important objectives to serve powerfully when you invest in this program.

Christina: What are three things about yourself that you would never change no matter what? 

Kim: I would never change my personal journey of ups and downs in life, my abundant mindset of thinking bigger than others at times, and the lessons I have grown from.  

Christina: You have a slogan, “Crown On.” How important is that slogan to you and your business? 

Kim: Crown on is my slogan God gave me many years ago when I began coaching. It signifies the power that we hold within us as royalty. We have to remember; God gave us the crown, and if he gave it to us, that’s extremely significant to uphold. Keep your crown on, walk with your head held high, and maintain a high level of integrity. Never lower your head and look down because if you do, your crown will fall off. Live your life as a testimony; SHOW people the right way to live. STOP only talking about it. 

Christina: You are also a radio host of Brown Suga Radio. What did you decide to host a radio show? What inspired you? 

Kim: I began Brown Suga Radio in August 2007. It started as something fun to do as a hobby. As I realized a few months later, my audience grew tremendously, and the show took off to become a top featured show on Blog Talk Radio. I knew then God had an important message for me to share. I loved interacting with the listeners and commentating with my guest co-host. Although we had celebrity appearances on the radio show, what meant the most to me was the changed lives. The people whose hope was reignited and hearts were touched. 

Christina: Who is someone you admire and look up to in your life?

Kim: I admire Michelle Obama and Oprah Winfrey tremendously. These two women have always been iconic when it comes to their legendary roles as powerful black women. Their grace, intelligence, style, and elegance separate them apart from the ordinary woman. I look up to them because they symbolize the true meaning of what an ambitious woman looks like, talks like, and behaves like. 

Christina: Do you have any upcoming events or projects you would like our readers to know about?

Kim: I’ve recently launched the paperback format of my brand-new book called The Birth of an Ambitious Woman. This book will catapult the reader’s life into a new dimension. “The Birth of an Ambitious Woman; A Guide to Spiritual Awakening, Mental Abundance, and Physical Healing” This explosive read will insight self-care remedies, spiritual alignment, royalty protocol, and real Boss Lady tactics to liberate your lifestyle. 

What this book will help you achieve:

   💎 The manifestations of God’s promises

   💎Flowing abundantly in feminine beauty & radiance

   💎Reveal the hidden keys to accelerating abundance

   💎Healing and loving your body to optimum health

   💎Answer your call to queen and reign supreme in ALL you do

   💎Explore the sacred truths of spiritual laws and the royal heavenly language

   💎Develop rich, authentic relationships with like-minded, powerful Ambitious Women

   💎Stop believing that power is outside of you and possess your birthright to ignite the power within you

Christina: Is there anything else you would like to share?

Kim: I’m devoted to speaking, teaching, and reaching the masses by transforming lives one day at a time. I share with female entrepreneurs, online influencers, corporate boss ladies, and spiritual leaders the power of investing in themselves with deep mental exercises needed to thrive successfully in divine lifestyle abundance.


Connect with Kim below:


Instagram: @kimbullockhennix

Facebook: Kim Bullock Hennix

LinkedIn: Kim Bullock Hennix


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