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Baton Rouge Woman Opens the Feminine Touch Wife School

If you have not heard of The PPG Store or its official name The Private Partz Store, I’m not sure where you have been, but it is an adult store owned by Sharonda Parker located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, promoting sexual health and wellness. The store is popular for its adult toys, fun parties, and the advice Sharonda gives to those who write in with questions about their relationships, marriage, and sex. This year, Sharonda launched her Feminine Touch Wife School, and it is causing quite the buzz online.  

We took the time to sit down with Sharona and learn more about it to give you the scoop. Get into it below! 

Fancy: What inspired The Feminine Touch Wife School? 

Sharonda: New Year’s Eve, I was preparing for our family’s Annual Vision Board Party, and God himself spoke these words to me “Marriages will be restored in 2021”. I didn’t have a name for the school or anything; all I had was the Word of God telling me what was needed in this season. I have been in the adult industry for over a decade,  and my inbox has always been a safe haven for married couples to express their grievances. Wives from all backgrounds come to me for wise counsel when the fairytale starts to come to an end. What I realized over the years was that most of us have not adequately been prepared for marriage. 

Outside of cooking, cleaning, and raising children, we haven’t received any training. Most of us are experiencing what I like to call “on-the-job training,” some marriages can survive it, but most can’t. That’s why our divorce rates are so high. 

Fancy: What is the purpose of Wife School? 

Sharonda: Marriage does not come with tools or instructions. It’s the only thing you can get a license for with zero experience or training. Have you ever tried to build something that did not come with instructions? You start the building process, and then you realized that you missed a piece here or there. At that point, nothing is secured. This curriculum was designed to prepare the modern woman with the skills that she will need to be the feminine asset in her relationship inside and outside of the bedroom. Being a wife is much more than cooking, cleaning, and raising kids. I’m teaching wives how to speak the language of their husbands to get the best results. 

Fancy: Can you share a little about the curriculum? 

Sharonda: As women, we have a list of characteristics that we would like to see in our men. Well, men have a list of features that they would like to see in their women as well. All men need and want feminine assets inside and outside of the bedroom.

This curriculum is designed to teach women the characteristics of a feminine asset, how to draw her husband closer to her, and how to respond to issues in the marriage. Upon completion, she will not be an average wife but an excellent wife (which is rare). 

Fancy: Tell us about how your class is taught? 

Sharonda: Covid has been a blessing, and a curse, all of our classes are virtual this year. Because the classes are virtual, there have been so many pros. For example, ladies from all over the country can attend. I don’t have to worry about rental space and social distancing. The class is taught in the comfort of your home. 

This six-hour course is broken up into three sessions. Each session is 2 hours. The course’s total cost is $500 ($100 Registration Fee will be deducted from the total price). The balance is due before starting class. This will be an interactive virtual class. Registration began on January 11, 2021. The deadline to pay the balance in full is April 1st, and packets will be mailed. 

Click To Register https://theppgstore.com/product/the-feminine-touch-wife-school-virtual-deposit/.

Class Schedule 

April 11th, 6 pm to 8 pm

April 18th, 6 pm to 8 pm 

April 25th, 6 pm to 8 pm 

Fancy: How would you describe the ideal student? 

Sharonda: My ideal student would be any woman who is serious about building a legacy. Most people think you have to be married when I would much instead give you the blueprint before marriage in all actuality. In all honesty, most of us have not been appropriately taught about being a helpmate. Most women think as long as they cook, clean, and have sex, their husbands will be happy, which is so far from the truth. Any woman who desires marriage, who is engaged, or who wants to see her marriage thrive should register for Wife School. 

Fancy: How do you think your marriage has prepared you for wife school? 

Sharonda: I often tell women I wish there were a Sharonda Parker that I could have talked to when I was a young wife. I have been married for 22 years, and we have seen our share of good days and bad days. I was not raised to be a wife; I was reared to be a mistress, which is the truth. I went into marriage without understanding certain principles, and I thought that love was enough. I went through what I call “on-the-job training” and made lots of mistakes on both ends. I had never really seen a WIFE. Over the years, I was graced to connect with lots of older wives who taught me so many valuable lessons. Young women today feel like certain principles are outdated, but the one thing that will not change is every man needs and wants a Feminine Asset. 

Fancy: Where can we find more information? 

Sharonda: If you have any questions, please email only1ppg@gmail.com.

To learn more about The PPG Store, you can visit their website at www.theppgstore.com and follow online at @only1ppg.

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