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Big Brother Crowns First Black Winner in 23 Seasons

Big Brother first aired in 2000. The reality show features a group of strangers who compete for the chance to win half a million dollars through competitions of strength, endurance, and smarts. Competitors must also have a social game on top of keeping themselves safe from the chopping block. Alliances, showmances, and general drama keep the show entertaining and keep viewers on their toes. 


Big Brother has created lifelong romances, legendary players like Dan Gheesling, Rachel Riley, and Dr. Will and has even sprung a few people to stardom, like winner Derrick Levasseur, who got his own show on ID. One thing Big Brother hasn’t had in their 23 season run until now is a black winner. 


Usually, Big Brother only has one or two ethnic players to spare. This season six contestants were black and from the beginning, they all settled on the idea to form an all-black alliance called “The Cookout.” In previous seasons, we usually see every drop of color get picked from the house one by one until there’s no one left but white folks. More often than not, it’s white men at that. 


This season, the last six members standing were all members of the Cookout. They had managed to stick together through disputes and the emotions of living in isolation with no contact with the outside world and carried each other until the end. Throughout the show, multiple members even mentioned the fact that the white men that season were dropping like flies and that no person of color has ever won the show before. Xavier Prather, a lawyer from Michigan, now holds the title of the first black person to win Big Brother. 


Of course, there are many people on social media calling the racism card saying it was blatantly racist that the last six houseguests were black, which of course yielded a black winner. They all completely disregard the fact that the same thing happens every year with white houseguests and houseguests of color rarely ever see it to the end of the game. This just looks like evidence that people will ignore racism until they think it is applicable to them.

…Anyway, big congrats to Xavier as well as the Cookout for becoming one of the most legendary alliances in Big Brother history.


Article Written By: Kaitlan Darby | @blackmambacreative


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