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Black Love: Sitcom Edition

Black love: sitcom edition, anyone? 

Valentine’s Day is here, and I wanted a fun way to commemorate the festivities. So, I figured I’d highlight three sitcom couples that exemplified Black love, in my opinion. Valentine’s Day is a day set aside to appreciate love and all its splendiferously divine magic. With that said, romance and love today seem to have so many clauses that it feels like people have forgotten the simplicity of both words. 

Nevertheless, “love” is an action word, and as the saying goes, “Actions speak louder than words.” To that point, there are a few sitcom romances that people still swoon over to this day. These people are actors who are paid to perform, but chemistry isn’t something that can be manufactured; it’s either there or it’s not. I digress, and in no particular order, these sitcom romances make hopeless romantics hold out hope for something similar in their own lives if they haven’t found it already. 

  1. Cliff and Claire Huxtable – (The Traditional Couple) The Cosby Show 

By all accounts, the Huxtables gave Black families something different to aspire to and appreciate regarding love and marriage. Cliff and Claire Huxtable represent the traditional couple who, more often than not, have an unspoken bond that often plays out well on screen. Not to mention the hilariously gut-busting scenarios the couple had to work together to solve when dealing with each of their five children individually or collectively. 

  1. Dwanye Wayne and Whitley Gilbert – (Opposites Attract) A Different World

Thinking about the rollercoaster Dwayne and Whitley took viewers on is to be commended, hence the reason their screen romance still resonates with viewers today. The allure to this couple was how different they were– Whitley came from a wealthy family, and well, Dwayne didn’t. However, it was those differences that made their television love story believable. They had to fight for their love and each other! Who doesn’t love this kind of love story? 

  1. Kyle Barker and Maxine Shaw (Crazy In Love) Living Single 

By today’s standards, Kyle and Max would be considered “The Toxic Couple,” and depending on your perspective, you might agree. However, what made the synergy between Max and Kyle so appealing to audiences was the way they fought their attraction for each other. This often sets the stage for hilarious quips between the two, and, oddly enough, makes the love connection more palatable. On a personal note, watching them pretend to hate each other was one of my favorite things about this show. 


These Black love sitcom romances were simple by today’s standards, but if you were to ask me, I would say they are much more desirable. What other Black sitcom couples would you add to this list? 

By Candis Johnson|  Candis Johnson is an author and freelance journalist from NJ. She is the editor of the Literary Magazine series SOUL as well the erotica anthology Erogenous Zone. She has a passion for music and the artists who create it. You can follow her on Instagram @misscandis36.


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