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#BlackGirlFollowTrain Hijacked

#blackgirlfollowtrain is a current viral trend on TikTok. This sound was created to provide a safe space on the social media platform TikTok that Black women content creators could use to grow their followers.

The Issue

However, just as with previous trends, other content creators, who are not Black, are jumping on the trend. Black creators have to work hard to be seen as well as respected and compensated for their work as content creators. The hijacking of this hashtag proves exactly why it was created initially. 

There has been so much backlash, with white women complaining about the trend who already have the advantage and crying “reverse racism” because Black women are partnering and helping each other to reach their full potential.

Digging Deeper

Social media operates on algorithms that play a huge part in content being seen and reaching audiences who will engage as well as shop and support the creator or brand represented by the creator. When others who are not a part of the demographic of Black women use hashtags or sounds created to ensure that their content is being seen by others who want to feel they have a safe space to be their full creative selves, it truly showcases how Black women creators are disrespected and disregarded. TikTok has proven to be biased against Black women by suppressing the creator videos from creators by keeping them from being discovered and interacted with. This practice ultimately impacts growth, the monetization of their accounts, and the potential to secure brand deals and partnerships.

The Importance

This trend has helped creators secure 1000s of followers and adds more content in their feeds from other Black women creators. SwagHer Magazine’s account went from 89 followers to over 1,300. Results like this are why the hijacking of the viral sound is evident that other content creator demographics understand the power that Black women often wield. This unfortunate side of social media is compounded when platforms, as stated, create obstacles that impact the growth of Black women creators to be showcased. 

As this trend continues to take off – Black women creators are faced with going an extra step to protect the movement by alerting others and also showing support to each other so that the intended purpose of creating a safe space for Black women to be creative and interact with each other will thrive and continue to grow.

Support this movement and encourage others to do so as well.



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