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Business Spotlight: Poetic Design

 Poetic Design is an online Christian apparel company founded in 2020 by Claudette Pendleton. Poetic Design was established to spread the Gospel and the message of hope through clothing, accessories, drinkware, etc. The founder desires that all customers feel empowered as they wear and proclaim GOD’S WORD!

The founding of Poetic Design was driven by Claudette’s purpose, as with most businesses. Claudette authored a poetry book in 2000 entitled Poetic Praise, then updated it on Amazon several years later after publishing it. Poetic Praise is comprised of beautiful poetry to the Lord that speaks about His continual faithfulness and goodness to His people.

As a poet, she has always dreamed of putting her poetry and inspirational phrases on various products to encourage others. “I always wanted to take portions of the poetry or phrases from my poetry and place them on tee-shirts, cups, calendars, etc. I enjoy sharing the Gospel, and so, I felt that would also be another great way to share it,” stated Claudette Pendleton. 

Poetic Design is an example of a visionary believing in GOD and herself to turn her dream into reality. Bringing Poetic Design to life has required dedication, love, and commitment from Claudette. Further, Claudette has written several other books that can be purchased on Amazon, including a second poetry book. Additionally, she has written several short stories and two screenplays. She is also currently updating and republishing a children’s book.

Along with spreading hope and being a witness for Jesus, Claudette loves spending time with her three children, which brings her great joy. When one meets Claudette, whether through her writings, clothing or in person, they will encounter the message of hope and the love of GOD. Herein lies the key to understanding the backdrop of Poetic Design.  

To learn more about Poetic Design or Poetic Praise, please visit the following links:  or


Article Written by: Leticia Starks-Underwood| Leticia Starks-Underwood is an educator, mentor, student, and author.  She holds a B.A. in Biblical Literature from Taylor University Upland, and a Master’s and Doctorate in Christian Education from Cornerstone Bible College in Fort Wayne, Indiana. She currently is an educator at Cornerstone Christian College Prep Day and High School International in Fort Wayne, Indiana. She is the Founder and CEO of You Can Make It Books, LLC. She has published several books, including The You Can Make Series and The J & J Royal Kids Collections. She also serves as an international contributing writer for BlackNews.UK. You can follow her on Instagram @youcanmakeitinspiration.


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