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Can You Handle It? What To Do When Your Sex Drive is Higher Than Your Partners

Libido, often known as sex drive, is a person’s desire to participate in sexual behavior. If you’re a person who likes to get it on every second of the day, but your partner doesn’t, it could make your companion feel forced, stressed, and uncomfortable, simultaneously leaving you feeling dismissed, insulted, and unwanted. Several factors can influence sexual desire, many of which have nothing to do with your partner’s attractiveness. 

Things such as exercise and sports can contribute to hypersexuality, which explains why many athletes are generous with their genitals. Menopause, mental health, culture, and religion play a role in lowering a person’s sex drive. You wouldn’t believe how many couples don’t get down with the get-down because, in their religion, sex is to procreate, not for pleasure. 

Whether you want to bump uglies 24/7 or only twice a week, you must remember that everyone has a sexual urge that is natural to them, and you both are equally accountable for changing how you approach this problem. Having unmatched sexual energy is a severe issue that doesn’t belong under the rug used as a weapon to control or hurt your companion. 

Before one of you does something regrettable, consider the following five strategies.

  1. Get out of your feelings: Nagging, fussing, and fighting will not get your significant other to drop their pants for you. I know you feel as though you’re always the one making the first move and always left frustrated and unsatisfied. Still, several things, such as low self-esteem, finances, etc., could contribute to why your partner may not want to share their body with you as often as you’d like, which is why a conversation must happen when feelings are in check and heads are leveled. It may not be you, so don’t take it personally.
  2. Initiate intimacy, not sex: Many individuals don’t know how to touch their mate without trying to get some nookie, which can be extremely frustrating to your partner. If your mate asks for a massage but somehow ends up bent over the arm of the couch for a quickie, then you should expect some attitude. Try random hugs, cuddling, handholding, forehead kisses, subtle strokes of their face, or his beard. Do these things to strengthen the connection between you two.
  3. Respect your partner’s boundaries: If your mate says the crack of dawn is the best time to rock the bed, respect that. Some people don’t have the energy for physical activity after work, school, cooking, cleaning, parenting, and, hell, just adulting. On the flip side, some people get all the energy at nighttime; we’ve all heard that song, the freaks come out at night; this could be the case for your partner again; respect that. Also, everyone doesn’t like long-drawn-out fourplay. Play a little and get to it; chop, chop! Now, if you’re with someone who needs a lot of teasing, do what you must to get what you want. 
  4. Try new things: A change of scenery, role play, games, and activities can do wonders. People get bored with the same approaches and positions. There’s nothing wrong with doing it at the same time every day, but that doesn’t mean you have to make love the same way. Dirty talk, sex games, costumes, and watching naughty flicks could do the trick. Again, communication is essential, run these ideas, but your significant other may be surprised in the end. 
  5. Keep it real: If nothing has worked, not even masturbation, you may have to give it to your partner in the raw. You’re over it. Unhappy, frustrated, and have run out of ideas to rectify this problem in your relationship, you’re stuck. You’re feeling unsatisfied, and if nothing changes, there needs to be a conversation about moving on from this relationship. Cheating is a band-aid. Affairs provide brief euphoria; the good times never last long. Therefore, stepping out on your companion should never be an option. Get counseling, get an acceptable solution, or get out. It’s as simple as that.


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