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Charmyra E. Fleming Talks Inspiration Behind The Purple Charm Universe

Charmyra E. Fleming, The Baltimore Sun BEST 2023 Readers’ Choice Best Author Award recipient, has many passions and interests in life. The wife and mother of two energetic little boys believes in the “pursuit of happiness”. This belief inspired her desire to pursue becoming a professional writer and a self-published author. She aims to inspire others through her writing and produce great content and books worth reading.

A huge fan of musical genius and icon, Prince, when Charmyra is not writing, she loves listening to music and line dancing. If you need a little inspiration, check out her motivational and self-reflective blog posts on the Creative Calfuray website, or her inspirational podcast, “The Purple Charm Experience Podcast.” Let’s get more familiar with the writer and author below as she speaks about the inspiration behind her work and balancing the many hats she wears. 


Fancy: Congratulations on being Baltimore Sun’s Readers’ Choice Winner! How did it feel to win? 

Charmyra: Thank you so much! Becoming the Baltimore Sun’s BEST 2023 Readers’ Choice Award Winner was an incredible feeling. This award meant a lot to me because, first of all, I was nominated by my readers, and secondly, they showed up and showed out when the voting cycle began. Also, this award is a major accomplishment because, I was competing and won against some well-known, accomplished authors. It reminded me that when people love what you do, they will come out in droves to support you, and that’s what happened with my reading audience. It definitely was and still is one of my proudest moments of 2023, as well as my journey as a self-published author. 

Fancy: What inspires your writings?

Charmyra: I’m mostly inspired to write the stories that I want to read. I always want to tell stories people can sink into, find themselves in, and fall in love with. As I write, it is also my responsibility to take people on a journey, and we both grow through the lessons as a result. So, I find inspiration in many sources, such as life lessons, connecting with a higher power, and in nature. I’m also inspired by the joy I get from the process of storytelling. I’m inspired when people read my work and feel connected to it. That energy resonates with me and my stewardship as a writer and storyteller. This energy fuels my writings, and if I’m not a good steward to it or honor it properly, then I will no longer be serving my purpose. 

Fancy: Is “Love Dazzles in Sapphire” your fourth installment to The Purple Charm series, the last one?

Charmyra: “Love Dazzles in Sapphire” is indeed the fourth installment, but it is definitely not the last one. I’m actually developing several more books for this series. I’m not certain what book will be the “last one,” but I can tell you, that the last book has not been written yet. Plus, there are so many stories to tell within “The Purple Charm Universe,” and I can’t wait to share them. 

Fancy: I love how you also host your podcast, The Purple Charm Experience. At what point did you decide to move forward with the idea? 

Charmyra: Thank you. It means a lot to receive positive feedback! In 2020, after I completed and released my second book, Three’s a Charm, I received so many requests from the women who attended my launch event wanting to know if I had a podcast. Many wanted to hear more background about the characters and my journey as an author. So, in the spring of 2020, I began doing research on starting a podcast. I learned what makes it successful and began planning the concept for “The Purple Charm Experience Podcast”. Once, I knew the concept, I put together the initial framework for my podcast and planned the episodes for the first season, and I was ready to go! In July 2020, I launched the first season of my podcast, sharing my journey as an author. 

Fancy: How do you continue to come up with fresh content?

Charmyra: I’m constantly reading and scouring the internet for ideas. Many of the topics have been based on my journey and perspective as an author. I’ve also had other very accomplished authors come onto my podcast to share their journey and experiences as writers, as well. I think keeping it fun, motivational, and entertaining keeps it fresh! 

Fancy: Are you working on any new projects that you can share? 

Charmyra: Yes, I’m actually working on a few new projects. Currently, I’m developing two new books that I’m setting a very ambitious goal of writing at the same time. Pray for me, LOL! These books have been stories that have been swirling around in my mind for a while, and I started working on them before ending a couple of my previous books. Now, I have the time and the mindset to devote my energy to them. One is another period piece, and the other is an erotica. That is all that I will tell you for no,w but stay tuned…I think both of these books will bring some serious heat!

Fancy: Where do you hope to see yourself in the next five years? 

Charmyra: At the present time, I’m also pursuing my Doctorate in Business Administration in Organizational Leadership at Hood College in Frederick, MD, with an anticipated graduation date in May 2027. So, much of my time is tied up with family, work, and school right now. However, that is one of my strengths. I’m a learner. Over the next five years, I see myself first becoming “Dr. Charmyra E. Fleming.” I also see myself continuing to learn about my craft and pushing myself to become a respected and well-known romance author, as well as a well-respected researcher and author of non-fiction literature and “white papers.” 

Fancy: How would you describe your SwagHer? What makes Charmyra, Charmyra?

Charmyra: My genuine desire to just be me, fully and authentically, is my SwagHer. I believe in going after the things that make you come alive in life. I’ve always lived my life on my own terms, and I’ve created lanes for myself to exist when there wasn’t a lane for me. The things that make me, me is that I’m quirky and unique. I love pushing the envelope in life. I love pursuing my interests. If there is something that I want to know, I’m going to immerse myself in it to learn about whatever interest I have. It may be something such as wine. I love wine. In 2021, I wanted to know more about wines, so I took a course, and I received my WSET Level 1 Certification in Wines. I plan to keep going, but this is an example of what makes me tick. The pursuit of knowledge drives me, and the process of learning makes me happy! I love sharing what I’ve learned and being able to walk, talk, and live my mission and vision statements every day to M.OTIVATE | A.SPIRE | I.NSPIRE means everything to me.

Fancy: How do you balance being an author, blogger, podcast hostess, wife, and mother?

Charmyra: Don’t forget full-time employee, business owner, and student. Just kidding. It’s not always easy trying to balance it all, but I’m truly blessed. God makes a way for me. It takes discipline, prayer, meditation, planning, organizing, and staying on top of your “A game!” In addition, I have a wonderful husband who is a great support system for me in balancing it all. He is present, and I couldn’t do any of this without his love and support. He’s never stood in the way of my personal growth. He allows me the space to be who I am and grow in the ways that I mentioned above. Our families live in North Carolina, so raising two little ones can be challenging because the weight of caring for them is always on just the two of us. So, for me, as I wear all of my hats, it is essential that I wear them well and that give them each the attention that they deserve in order to make it manageable, particularly, my “mommy and wife hats.” If those hats fall or fail to stay on, the rest becomes obsolete. It is the reason why I never rush into projects. Each of the areas that I balance was introduced in phases so that I know when something is too much to handle. I know when to say, “Enough is enough.” I say all of this to say, I do all of this for them and for the legacy of my body of work as a writer to live when I’m no longer here. Therefore, it is crucial that I get the balance of it all right.  


Connect with Charmyra below:

Website: https://www.creativecalfuray.com/home

Instagram: @creative_calfuray/

Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Books-Charmyra-E-Fleming/s?rh=n%3A283155%2Cp_27%3ACharmyra+E.+Fleming


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