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Chianti Lomax’s New Book Encourages Black Women to Create a Life of Well-Being & Ease

Chianti Lomax is launching a new book today that encourages Black women to create a life of well-being and ease.

Chianti is an internationally recognized speaker, certified executive coach, certified workplace mindfulness facilitator, positive psychology practitioner, and pioneer of transformative learning experiences. With over 14 years of specialized expertise in large-scale transformations, she has a proven track record of unlocking organizational excellence through human-centered learning, research-based coaching, and workplace mindfulness.

When asked her “why” behind her work, Chianti states, “I believe that women, specifically Black women, deserve to be authentically happy and free. We deserve to live a life that is good for our nervous system.” 

In a society where many Black women, on a subconscious level, believe they must endure to be deserving of healthy love, career advances, and support, Lomax illustrates why we must confront negative, deep-rooted beliefs about ourselves that hold us back from the lives we truly desire.

“Self-efficacy is my superpower. Before I even knew what that exact word meant, I knew two things about myself. The first thing, I was a blessed soul who was protected and created for a divine purpose. The second thing, I was confident (some might call it blind confidence) in my own ability to create a life that was larger than what society said that I could have. These beliefs came in handy as life progressed for me.”

In EVOLVING WHILE BLACK: The Ultimate Guide to Happiness and Transformation on Your Own Terms, Chianti uses the foundation of belief highlighted by studies showing that when women make positive changes, the whole ecosystem of those women’s villages grows and thrives. 

“My hope is that by helping Black women create their own versions of happiness, we will positively impact generations of Black children who will know and understand how to do the same.”

To Chianti, “Self-care means taking care of yourself with self-awareness and autonomy to create a life of well-being and ease.” She emphasizes self-care as a lifestyle and personal commitment that sustains mental well-being and fuels true success—success as we each define it and not as society tells us it is. In this book, she sparks the reader to question what success looks like for themselves.

‘I’m in a season of my life where I define success very differently than I did 10 years ago, even five years ago. I have unsubscribed from what society has told me: what success looks like for me as a Black woman. Today, success for me looks like having a regulated nervous system. Success to me looks like having complete ownership over my time and energy. Success to me looks like accepting myself in all of who I am while being able to live out loud as the most authentic version of Chianti.”

EVOLVING WHILE BLACK offers a deep understanding of how to better your life through reflection and intentional practices, all while considering how the lives of Black women are uniquely impacted. It’s a refreshing take on honoring self and unapologetically being authentic and curious enough to live the life you’ve always wanted to. Through relatable language, references, and mannerisms, the reader can laugh, cry, and “Hmmm, mmmm” their way to healing mental spaces that prioritize and love self. 

“My hope is that this book will empower Black women around the world to learn their power and autonomy for happier, healthier, and healed lives. As I mentioned earlier, I believe this is the quickest pathway to generational healing and building generational wealth.”

To learn more about Chianti Lomax and EVOLVING WHILE BLACK: The Ultimate Guide to Happiness and Transformation on Your Own Terms, please visit


By Tiffany M. Stewart
An educator turned entrepreneur, Tiffany M. Stewart is the CEO of BirthWrite Consulting Group.  Equipped with degrees from Howard and Harvard University, Tiffany’s work is meant to inspire, heal, and motivate people to live life with purpose.

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