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Cleaning Out Your Closet: A Guide to Achieving Physical and Mental Fortitude

As you walk into a new season of success you must reset and make sure that your inner peace is intact and secure. There are daily stressors in life, and it’s sometimes hard to juggle multiple hats like motherhood, being a career woman and a loving romantic partner. We as women, especially Black queens, continually pour into our children, our men and our jobs, oftentimes neglecting to replenish ourselves.  

Cleaning Out Your Closet: A Guide to Achieving Physical and Mental Fortitude is a virtual social gathering to network and shift into spring with a new mindset inspired by a lineup of guest speakers. This event will help viewers develop their spring plans to cultivate their mind, body and spirit and act as a head-to-toe guide to empower women, by women who have unleashed their potential.

The guest speakers that will be providing their prowess in spiritual health will be master life coach Marquita Sikes, health and wellness coach Beverly K. Johnson and fellow life coach Micaela Thomas. While Sikes will be assisting in elevating and transforming your mind, Johnson will help you center your physical body, and Thomas will help you restore your life altogether. Check out the fierceness of Cleaning Out Your Closet speakers below:


Marquita Sikes | Marquita is a domestic violence advocate and coach. Through her work as a Certified Master Life Coach, Marquita helps women overcome obstacles and heal to reach their plateau in life. 

IG: @coachmarquitasikes

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Beverly K. Johnson | Beverly is a health and wellness coach who partners with her clients to develop strategies to demolish old habits and embrace a healthy, whole lifestyle. Ms. Johnson is a personal trainer, wellness coach, and group fitness instructor with over a decade of experience in the fitness industry. As a health and wellness coach, her job is to help you get “unstuck” by helping you figure out what’s keeping you from reaching your health goals. The benefit of health coaching is having someone in your corner to help you through it. If you’re here looking to rebuild your confidence, life, and body and seeking the resources and personalized attention to reclaim your life after a setback or loss, you’ve arrived at the right place.

IG: @bevkjohnson

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Micaela Thomas | Author  Micaela “Cae” Thomas  knows all too well what it means to desire a life outside of trauma and pain. The certified life coach and speaker shares her journey and life’s truths on silent struggles, intentional healing, manifesting and self-awareness in her book. Micaela believes manifestation brings not only a willingness to help design your life to your specifications, but it also brings about peace and transformation. It’s important because it keeps one accountable and intentional about the goals and realities placed before them. It also teaches one to be grateful for current circumstances, no matter how bleak they may seem.

IG: @strippedtomytruth

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