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Crowning Glory: Kim’s Empowering Journey as a Lifestyle and Abundance Coach

In this interview, we delve into the transformative journey of Kim, a dedicated Lifestyle and Abundance Coach spearheading the Ambitious Women Movement. Kim unfolds her mission to cultivate Queens within her Ambitious Women community, empowering them to reign supreme in their respective industries. She intricately explains the concept of “royal protocol,” infusing spirituality into her coaching to guide entrepreneurial women in embracing their inner Queens. Kim’s involvement in impactful anthologies, the principles behind her life-altering programs, and her prestigious GSU Elite Graduate Award add depth to her narrative. Join us as we explore the essence of Kim’s empowering slogan, “Crown On,” and glean practical tips for women to confidently walk in their power and authority.


Christina: What is your SwagHer? What makes Kim, Kim? 

Kim: Having an abundant mindset to thrive beyond my adversaries and rise to triumph. Also, I know my worth as spiritual royalty and advocating as a Queen for my Ambitious Women tribe.

Christina: Can you share more about the Ambitious Women Movement and how it ties into your mission as a Lifestyle and Abundance Coach?

Kim: I take great honor in leading my Ambitious Women. My mission is to transform Queens one day at a time. An Ambitious Woman Crowned is a Queen in her own right, reigning supreme in her industry. I desire to help women identify with their strengths, and use those gifts and talents to make a greater impact in the world.

Christina: Could you explain the concept of “royal protocol” and how it plays a role in your coaching and masterclasses for entrepreneurial women?

Kim: I’m a spiritual teacher who educates women on how to embrace their inner Queen by stimulating their spiritual immune system and walking in their power as Royalty. We’re joint heirs with Jesus Christ; this is how we recognize our position in the heavenly kingdom and refrain from having a spiritual identity crisis. We must know who we are and who we belong to. Once this happens, we supernaturally begin to manifest God’s divine will as a Queen following spiritual royal protocol. 

Christina: Please tell us a little bit about the anthologies you were a part of. Where can readers go to purchase them? 

Kim: I’ve been blessed to be featured with two heavy hitters, Dr. Les Brown and Dr Cheryl Wood, in two book anthologies. Unleash Your Undeniable Impact and Dare to Rise. Plus, I’ve been featured in several other phenomenal book anthologies with powerful women. You can purchase them on Amazon. These books have been so inspiring, too.

Christina: Your programs, “Lack to Luxury™” and “God Size Assignment™,” have impacted many women’s lives. Can you describe the key principles or strategies women can learn from these programs?

Kim: These programs were designed for individuals who feel as if they are not where they desire in life. Each course articulates a special message for the attendees in order to help them thrive past lack and learn how to manifest luxury. This is not only for material things the primary factor is developing an abundant mindset to attract and not chase, a higher level of living. In my God size assignment course, this one teaches my attendees how to trust God during times when their mission looks impossible. I share how important it is to dream big, so big that it scares you and gives you butterflies in your stomach. if you are not nervous, you’re not dreaming big enough. These are what I call God-size assignments. I really love these courses and watching the transformation that takes place in my clients.

Christina: You received the GSU Elite Graduate Award in November of 2022. How did it feel to receive that award?

Kim: I had the honor of attending my mentor, Dr Cheryl Wood, Global Speakers University, and graduating at the top of her class in her Center Stage program. This was a tremendous experience, and it taught me so much about developing my craft as a speaker. It certainly was life-changing, and I was blessed to be a part of this experience.

Christina: Your slogan, “Crown On,” is a powerful reminder of one’s royal inheritance. Can you share some practical tips or exercises that women can use to walk in their power and authority as daughters of the King?

Kim: Every morning when you wake up, I want for you to visualize an invisible crown on top of your head and never allow anyone to knock your crown off hold your head high and your shoulders back walk with pride because you are royalty. Never give anyone permission to ruin your day, or take your confidence by bowing your head down. Because when the chin dips, the crown slips. Keep your crown on Queen, keep your crown on  King because you are royalty.

Christina: Is there anything else you would like to share? 

Kim: I would like to share to never give up on your dreams and never change your goals if you fall short. Just change the date and come back wiser and stronger.


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