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Cruelty-Free Beauty Brand, I’Mat Dream Partners with Walmart

New beauty brand, I’mat Dream, is proud to announce its partnership with Walmart just five months after its launch in July. The brand, which is known for providing cruelty-free goat milk products for the skin, hair, and body at affordable prices, has seen a significant increase in demand for its products.

At the moment, prospective buyers will find that the brand’s products are available for purchase on, where they have received rave reviews from users. The brand plans to continue expanding its product offerings in response to customer demand and market trends.

“At I’mat Dream, our goal is to inspire our customers to be their best, magical selves by offering cruelty-free products for the hair, skin and body,” says Tami Curry, CEO of I’mat Dream.

The brand, founded by Tami Curry, has established a reputation for providing high-quality goat milk products for the skin, hair, and body at affordable prices. The global beauty solutions market is continuously expanding, with Statista predicting that the global beauty and personal care market size will reach $663.01 billion by 2027. However, many manufacturers and retailers struggle to provide cruelty-free options for discerning customers. I’mat Dream aims to satisfy this demand while promoting inner healing through its products.

The brand offers a range of haircare sets, including the starter 2-piece and the absolute 5-piece, as well as skincare systems such as the Paramount 3-piece System. Despite only being in business for a short period of time, I’mat Dream has seen significant growth, with 13 of its products currently available on and receiving positive reviews from users. Inspired by her own experiences of being teased as a child, Tami hopes to continue making a positive impact on how people see themselves through the use of all-natural goat milk products.

I’mat Dream’s products are easy to use and sustainable, making them compatible with all hair types and suitable for rejuvenating all skin types for a more youthful appearance. The brand has also announced plans to release additional beauty products in response to customer demand and market trends.

I’mat Dream’s commitment to inner healing and beauty extends beyond its products and can be seen across its social media presence, including Facebook and Instagram. The brand also frequently holds skills workshops for its employees, covering topics such as the importance of work-life balance and mental well-being. “We believe that investing in our employees helps to not only improve their work performance but also helps to create a positive and supportive work environment for everyone,” says Tami.

To learn more about I’mat Dream and its range of top-quality beauty solutions for men and women, visit Customers can also shop the brand’s products on, where I’mat Dream has experienced significant growth in a short period of time as a new brand.

The campaign for inner healing and beauty also continues across social media, including Facebook and Instagram.


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