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Discounted Romance: $25 or Less Date Night Ideas

After surviving a pandemic, we’re now facing inflation. That inflation is putting a severe dent in many good, hardworking folks’ pockets. However, date nights with your partner are crucial, whether in a brand-new relationship or trying to maintain the spark in your established one. So, if you’re looking for great date ideas that won’t break the bank, these $25 or less’ activities can help you plan the perfect date night on a budget and have a great time!


Massage night. Candles, chocolate-covered strawberries, grapes, lotion, body oil, towels, wine, and two sexy people in their birthday suits, are all you need to make this a memorable date night. If you have an Aldi grocery store or a Trader Joe’s supermarket in your town, they’re the perfect places to get bottles of wine for as low as $5! The other items you may already have around your home; if not, take a trip to your local Dollar Tree and stock up! 

Home-cooked meals at the park. We can all agree that the food we cook tastes twice as good the next day. Pack up last night’s dinner in foam take-out containers, throw in plastic utensils, cups, a couple of bottles of your favorite soft drinks, or wine (wine is always a choice), and a blanket, and you’re all set for a lovely picnic in the park with your companion. By the end of this list, you’ll realize my obsession with Dollar Tree! Therefore, do I need to mention where you could snag these items for little to nothing? *Winks*

Spoken Word Event. Dope storytelling and crazy wordplay can do more than stimulate the mind *Wiggles eyebrows*. Court your significant other out for a night of performance poetry by a local artist. Admission could range from $0-$15. 

Bowling. Believe it or not, there are bowling alleys in your city that don’t charge an arm and leg to roll a ball down a freaking lane. Prime example, Round 1. If you’re in Chicago, check out Round 1 bowling. The games start at $5, and the shoes run about $4! Also, playing pool starts at $7. Bring a pair of socks and your A-game; you never know what a little friendly competition will lead to *Smiles*

Visit a new neighborhood. Bored, broke, and out of ideas? Spend some time discovering a new location not too far from home. Go to a community you’re unfamiliar with and roam around and window shop, snap photos of establishments you’d like to come back and visit, like a restaurant for the next date night. I can’t tell you how many lovely places I now frequent because I just decided to take a stroll one day. The price of discovering new places, people, and things? $0. 


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