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Dr. Shanna B. Van Ness is Assisting with Developing Strategies for Success

Business owners who have trouble developing strategies, Dr. Shanna is here to assist with developing strategies for success.  Dr. Shanna B. Van Ness is a certified business, executive and life coach, she is also known as the Committed Action Queen, specializes in personal growth, relationship, career, business, and executive coaching. Serving as a private practitioner working with a broad spectrum of clients, in addition to being a professional coach, she’s also presented nationally to general audiences speaking on the topics of leadership success, the art of mastering relationships, organizational strategy and many other areas.

Additionally, Dr. Shanna is a collaborative, solution-focused and results-oriented coach. Through this approach, she provides support and practical feedback to help clients effectively address personal life challenges that will resolve extraordinary results. Integrating coaching techniques and helpful assignments to offer a highly personalized program tailored to her clients with compassion and understanding, Dr. Shanna works with her clients to help build on their strengths and attain the personal growth they’re committed to achieving.

We spoke to Dr. Van Ness via Q&A and she shared what inspired her to assist businesses and also the impact she would like to make:

Was it always your dream to assist businesses to develop strategies for success?

I am not sure if I can say it was “always” a dream to assist businesses to develop strategies for success. However, I can say it was a gift that I received and I followed my passion to pursue my purpose. I was always “that” friend that everyone called on to get advice or guidance, and, as “that” friend, I never invoked my personal opinion. I listened objectively and asked questions. The more I listened the more questions I asked, and one day one of my best friends said, “wow, you should be a coach.”

I can honestly say, my passion to support the growth and development of others led me to become a certified business, executive and life coach. Throughout my personal and professional relationships, I was always the person people would come to for advice or an opinion. Even then, I took that to the next level by simply asking thoughtful questions that supported them in finding their own answer. With that being said, I listen and respond with thought-provoking questions to support individuals and organizations clarify their “what’s next”?

What does leadership success mean to you?

Leadership success to me means I get to be a role model for others. I get to inspire, motivate and be a catalyst in someone’s journey. See we each can define success differently. I personally think we often measure the success of others and try to obtain their “success.” I am clear that my leadership journey and success journey are unique and specific to me. Leadership success to mean is one someone says, “Dr. Shanna made an impact in my life.”

What keeps you motivated and inspired?

First, I would say my mother, who is no longer here physically. She was a huge part in helping me achieve my educational goals because as a young single mother she was there to watch my girls as I completed my Bachelor’s and Master’s degree. She gave up many evenings for me to pursue my goals and this motivated me to pursue my passion. She was also an inspiration because although married, with children, she was able to balance work and being a mother to the best of her ability.

I am also grateful to say that I have had many mentors during my journey that have motivated and inspired me. Their inspiration sparked me to pursue my career and educational goals. To name a few, Louise Martin actually gave me my first “real job” working in higher education. I can tell you from A — Z that she was there building me up. Literally, from supporting me with buying professional attire to guiding me in my Master’s degree school of choice. She never gave up on me and I am very grateful for that.

Karen Booker is another amazing mentor. She supported me through some trying times when I was ready to jump out of higher education and pursue my entrepreneurial goals. I can honestly say that these women had my back and I am forever grateful. “We lift as we climb,” and these women were there lifting me as they too were climbing and I get to lift others.

My husband and children inspire me. They give me the strength and perseverance to succeed. As a wife, mother, and entrepreneur I want to leave a legacy. And, last I am motivated and inspired knowing that I wake up every day understanding that I get to live my passion and fulfill my purpose. My inspiration is drawn from the success of every man, woman and entrepreneur that I have worked with. I enjoy supporting people to clarify their vision to achieve extraordinary results and when they do I am inspired to continue this work with others.

What advice would you give to someone who is unsure about pursuing their dreams?

I would tell them to stay resilient, be open to learning from each part of the process they are going through, stay focused, remain disciplined, and persevere. It is key to “say yes to you” and live life in committed action to achieve extraordinary results. Do not allow anyone to define what success looks like for you.

How do you want your Programs to be received? What impact are you looking to make?

As a business, executive, and life coach I want my programs to be received with authenticity and integrity. I would say that if you are feeling stuck in an area of your professional and/or personal life know that there is a way to get unstuck. If you desire to get unstuck and live your life in committed action passionately fulfilling your purpose, contact Dr. Shanna V. Coaching and Strategic Solutions so we can clarify your vision to achieve extraordinary results now. Ultimately, what makes me unique as a coach is that I understand that it takes work to achieve results. I uniquely do what I do with ease because I continuously apply what I coach to my clients. So, when I coach others, I am coaching myself because I understand that we all are on a path to being better tomorrow than we were today. I uniquely and passionately work in this industry because although I understand this may be HARD work, it is also my HEART WORK. So ultimately, I want programs to be received with authenticity and integrity, letting my clients know that the coaching process is a process and as a team, we will get through the process.

The impact that I hope to make on my clientele is to be the voice in their head when they get stuck reminding them “THEY ARE ENOUGH! TRUST WE LIVE IN A WORLD OF ABUNDANCE AND THERE IS ENOUGH FOR EVERYONE!” One of the most common shortcomings I see in my clients is their belief that whatever they are striving for is “not enough.” For example, I had one client that had a phenomenal idea to start a business. However, there was a repetitive cycle of the “what if it doesn’t work”… “But, what if I don’t have customers.” Although one could say it was a shortcoming, I would further say it was a “mindset” and “language” shift that needed to occur. Instead of being caught in the mindset and language of “what if,” there was a need to shift the mindset and language to “it will work, I can make it happen, and I will have three times the customers in comparison to my competitors because I AM ENOUGH!, I TRUST WE LIVE IN A WORLD OF ABUNDANCE AND THERE IS ENOUGH FOR EVERYONE!.” Often clients fall into a cycle of not trusting themselves or their journey to success. However, as a coach and consultant, I specialize in asking critical, thought-provoking questions to shift one’s mindset and change the language to create impact.

Dr. Shanna B. Van Ness is a Certified Business, Executive, and Life Coach. Also known as the Committed Action Queen shares tips for Success.
Photo Credit: Slingshots Atlanta

How have your life experiences played a part in your journey?

I firmly believe everything I experienced in life was necessary. It was on purpose for a purpose. I may have not known it at the time, but, ultimately my experiences ordered my steps for me to endure the journey. I do believe God has been in control all the time, even when I thought I was in control. No, he was there leading me every step of the way. I would also say my experiences built my character. I learned a lot about people, but, most importantly I learned a lot about myself. I am also clear the journey isn’t over. Each day is a new experience and each day I choose to meditate on what I have learned so that I can be better the next day.

What can we expect from you in the future?

The future looks FANTASTIC and AMAZING. I am excited to work with an amazing team that is truly supportive and open to the vision I have. I am excited to publish the “Live Life in Committed Action 90 Day Journal.” This journal can be purchased at any time in one’s life when they are ready to get unstuck, clarify their vision, then live life in committed action and achieve extraordinary results. I am also excited to re-launch the “Living Room Talk Show.” The show was created to promote positive social change through engaged dialogue with leaders and influencers who developed solutions to prevalent issues that impact diverse communities. With the re-launch of the show, I am adding a new ingredient in which I highlight the work of business leaders that provide strategic solutions that can support entrepreneurial and community growth. This time “The Living Room” will be more resource-oriented, provide strategic solutions and support the growth and development of others. So definitely, stay tuned for that.


Dr. Shanna V. Coaching and Strategic Solutions are a Business Strategy & Consulting Company that supports individuals to clarify their vision to achieve extraordinary results while living life in committed action.

Dr. Shanna maintains a private practice in Brooklyn, New York, and Atlanta, Georgia. Learn more about Dr. Shanna by visiting her website or following her on Instagram.



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