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Dreams, Style, and Confidence with Shawana Chapple

In a captivating interview, Shawana, the creative force behind MizzAppropriate LLC, delves into her fashion journey and entrepreneurial spirit. Inspired by fashion’s transformative power in music culture and art, Shawana founded her boutique with a clear vision: providing stylish and affordable clothing options for children to boost their confidence.

Discussing women’s confidence in fashion, she praises the versatile blazer, adaptable from work to casual wear. Shawana’s talents extend beyond fashion; she’s the author of “The Good Fortune,” a heartwarming children’s book centered on family values. Future plans include more books and animated short videos.

Fancy: What sparked your interest in fashion? 

Shawana: My interest in fashion comes from its ability to transform but is very much a constant moving force, whether it’s in music culture or art.

Fancy: What motivated you to open your boutique, MizzAppropriate LLC?  

Shawana: I am a mother who wanted options for my children and other children to have clothing at a great price and appropriate styles to build confidence and look great while wearing our brand.

Fancy: What fashion pieces would you say exude confidence on women?  

Shawana: I love a great blazer that can be paired with skirts and jeans. You have the ability to go from work mode to casual comfy.

Fancy: So we also know you are an author. Please tell us a little about your book, “The Good Fortune.” 

Shawana: “The Good Fortune” is an award-winning children’s book.  Frannie and Willie visit their Aunt Bea, who teaches them the importance of family time in unusual ways.

Fancy: Are you planning to write any more books?  

Shawana: Absolutely. I would definitely like to write more books and transition them into animation short videos.

Fancy: How would you describe your swagher? What makes Shawana, Shawana? 

Shawana: Faith, family, and forward. My faith in God is always first, My family is my foundation, and there Is always a way forward, whether it is through fashion, literacy, or animation. What makes Shawana, Shawana is my passion/drive; it has always led me to help others or to create a solution that would move the next generation forward.

Fancy: Please share where readers can find and connect with you below. 

Shawana: Readers can connect with me on:

Facebook: Mizz Chapple 827 & MizzAppropriate

TikTok: @mizzchapple827 

Instagram: @mizzchapple827


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