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Educator Creates Free Black Lives Matter Courses for Kids

The founder of Black Classical University and educator to educators, Dr. Sheva Quinn is launching a free course to teach children about Black Lives Matter and the present civil rights movement in the United States.

The first classes started in late June but another course will take place in the fall. Enrollment is extended for a limited time and the class are targetted at 4th to 12th-grade students.

The bestselling author behind ‘African-American Homeschool Master Teachers and Professors’, Quinn is also mother to Ziggy and Tootie, the world’s youngest brick and mortar bakery owners. With her online institution, she created a niche for parents wanting to have a curriculum that included the Black history that was missing from traditional public school settings.

“Right now, I am inundated with parents who want to enroll their children in my program because they are apprehensive about sending them back to school with COVID,” said Quinn. “They wanted an environment where children can see teachers who look like them, teach history related to them and with the Black Lives Matter protests and social injustices going on, they are being forced to have these discussions and some parents don’t know how to do that. We can’t shelter them when it is their reality.” 

Quinn said even though Black men are the forefront of the conversations, she wants children to understand that men and children have also been victims.

“We will talk about the circumstances surrounding Tamir Rice, Trayvon Martin, Breonna Taylor and others,” said Quinn. “We also have guest speakers who have been at the forefront of protests, in law, in history and more. The thing is this is nothing new. It’s just that the cameras are here now. This course is designed to make them more aware, see what activism looks like and understand what they may be up against.”

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