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Elevation & Expectations in 2024

A new year always brings with it a renewed feeling of purpose. Especially because so much happens in one year. With that in mind, it is understandable that by the time the year is ending, there is a sense of urgency to start anew, creating fresh goals for yourself or your family. The idea of New Year’s Resolutions for some is a concept that brings more stress than peace. 

Especially since the previous year felt almost impossible to navigate and survive and feel like you considered yourself in the entire process of living, so, the question then becomes, how can I improve in 2024? 

The word elevation is defined as the action or fact of elevating or being elevated. By this definition, change is happening; something new is on the horizon. However, sometimes, the hardest part of making a necessary life change is understanding what may have been missed the first time. 

More often than not, we are our harshest critics. When considering change or elevating in the new year, try this: 

Step 1: Give yourself some grace no one is perfect. 

Step 2: Give yourself permission to fail/ consistency is key 

Step 3: Stop pouring from an empty cup rest, replenish, and repeat!

Step 4: Laugh more

Step 5: Pray or meditate 

Step 6: Spend time with people who pour into you.

Realistically, It will take far more than these steps to have a prosperous new year better yet, a prosperous life, but the idea isn’t simply to follow these steps and everything changes. The idea is to have a point of reference that can guide you into new goals, new dreams, and grander visions. The idea is to find hope in elevation so that the expectations for better feel more attainable. Wherever the new year takes you just expect that your beliefs are the vessel you’ll use to get where you want to go. As cliché as this may sound, it holds a lot of truth. To the degree you believe that is the degree you will achieve. So be joyful as you leave 2023 behind and expect that greater is coming, and as you always do, you can and will survive.



Article Written by Candis Johnson| Candis is a native of Camden, NJ. She graduated from Creative Arts High School as a Creative Writing Major. She graduated from Delaware State University with a BA Degree in Mass Communications and a minor in Political Science. She earned her MA Degree from Strayer University in Business Administration. The author of several poetry books, including, Splurging on Poetry, Somebody Had to Say It and the Literary Magazine anthology series S.O.U.L (Say on Universal Languages) as well as the anthology series Erogenous Zone. 


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