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Empowering Voices and Igniting Confidence with Qimmah Burgess

Embark on the empowering journey of Qimmah, a multi-faceted entrepreneur and influencer, as she shares her mission through Pillow Talk with the Tea Podcast and EmpowerHer Tribenation. Qimmah’s passion-driven approach as a Curve/Plus Size Model and Curvy Ambassador breaks barriers, fostering body positivity and motivation. Through EmpowerHer Tribenation, she champions the philosophy of “I Am My Sister’s Keeper,” inspiring women to find their voice and confidence. With her mantra, “This is my Passion, not my Hobby,” Qimmah innovates, encouraging others to embrace mind, body, spirit, and relationships. Join her transformative coaching and speaking engagements, guided by a commitment to elevate and revolve through the healing power of uncomfortable conversations.


Christina: What is your SwagHer? What makes Qimmah, Qimmah? 

Qimmah: What makes me, me is that I am confidently and unapologetically myself at all times. I’m not afraid to be me with the stands, discernment, and belief that was instilled in me to love who I am and others will too. 

Christina: Tell us about your journey into becoming a multi-faceted entrepreneur and influencer. Why did you decide to start Pillow Talk with the Tea Podcast and EmpowerHer Tribenation?

Qimmah: I’ve created Pillow Talk with the Tea Podcast to inspire, motivate, and encourage others to be the best versions of themselves. In many ways, they dare to discover new opportunities for themselves, create something like nothing before within themselves, motivate themselves to find new ways to do things differently and be truthful to themselves, knowing that the healing begins with the uncomfortable conversations. 

As for EmpowerHer Tribenation, I founded the foundation within the power of how I live, stand, and move in the action of “I am my Sister’s Keeper” by helping and assisting women in founding their voice, igniting and reigniting their conference and sparking their boundaries and standards for themselves, so until they can stand on there own, I say “My sister you can borrow some of mine.”

Christina: How does your role as a Curve/ Plus Size Model and Curvy Ambassador contribute to your mission of body positivity and the motivation of others? 

Qimmah: My role as a Curve/Plus Size model and Curvy Ambassador contributes to my mission of body positivity and motivation of others to show and be the example to those who struggles with their bodies and confidence to love the body and skin that their in. And the motto of a pageant I’m competing in December 2024 states, “Size Has No Barrier On Beauty, which means you’re beautiful in every size, especially as a full-size and plus-size woman. 

Christina: Could you share more about EmpowerHer Tribenation and the concept of “I am my Sister’s Keeper”? How does this philosophy guide your efforts in helping women find their voice and confidence?

Qimmah: The philosophy guides me, and helping women find their voice and confidence of “I Am My Sister’s Keeper” by me, inspiring, motivating, and encouraging women to love the skin and body that they’re in, to embrace the stature that they were created to be in. It’s my pledge to my sister to ignite her confidence within herself and embrace the anatomy and her beauty within, so until my sister finds her own path and way of her own confidence, voice, and power within, she can borrow mine. 

Christina: Your mantra, “This is my Passion, not my Hobby,” speaks volumes. How did your passion for helping and assisting others evolve, and what drives you to continue innovating and encouraging others?

Qimmah: My passion for helping and assisting others is my heart and a deep passion for me to innovate others to be bold, daring, and courageous. Empowering others to transition themselves into being the best version of themselves, I liberate, educate, and encourage them to know the importance of the elements of the mind, body, spirit, and relationships (with self) when it comes to aspects of health, wealth, transitioning, growth and in the healing of the uncomfortable conversations, that’s where we as people elevate and revolve. 

What continues to drive me to innovate and encourage others is the elements of my own family and upbringing, which they have helped, assisted, guided, encouraged, and instilled within me to dig deep within myself to find who I am, love me, do the work, be the best me I can be and believe that whatever you want to be and do you can with hard work, dedication, and determination. And it doesn’t hurt that they built me up to have thick skin for this world of ours! 

Christina: The elements of mind, body, spirit, and relationships play a crucial role in your approach to health, wealth, growth, and healing. Can you elaborate on how you integrate these elements into your coaching and speaking engagements?

Qimmah: I integrate these elements into my coaching style and my speaking engagements with the elements of mind, body, spirit, and relationships by giving people the visual that these are elements and cycles and levels of their life, these are the roots and transition to all of our lives, so knowing what your foundation is and then building up and tapping into each one to create strong boundaries and standards for yourself you will never fall for anything because you then stand for something within you and who you are. As we add health, wealth, growth, and healing, it goes hand and hand with my four elements, which allows you to dig deeper then and take these same practices into the other pillars of your life. 

Christina: Is there anything else you would like to share? 

Qimmah: Yes, there’s a closing I close out with: “Don’t be the shade to someone else’s light; Be light to someone else’s shade”


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