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Face Off From Scarface To Brad Jordan

It all started in Houston when he deejayed for a local record label. Back then his push to become a known entity in hip hop progressed with his growing fan base identifying him as DJ Akshen. Also around the same time, a Houston rap group The Geto Boys released their debut album ‘Making Trouble’. The release received little to no attention. The disappointment led to the group being dismantled. When the group was reassembled, a new member was penciled in. After signing on the dotted line, DJ Akshen transformed to Scarface.
Acquiring his stage name from the lead character of the iconic 1983 film, the rapper Scarface immediately positioned himself as the premier MC of the group. Through the late ’80s and the early ’90s, the Geto Boys were successful but were targeted for being controversial.
The lyrics in their songs were labeled as explicitly violent and sexual. The group attracted more criticism in 1991 due to their album cover. Geto Boys member Bushwick Bill was the victim of a shooting. As a result of the shooting, he lost an eye. The album cover featured a graphic picture of the injured Bushwick Bill being carted through a hospital by Scarface and Willie D.
Despite non-existent radio play, ‘We Can’t Be Stopped’ still went platinum.
After experiencing success in the early ’90s, the group members decided to branch off and do solo projects. Scarface achieved the most success as a solo artist. He would go on to release multiple platinum and gold albums through the mid 90’s and the 2000s. Scarface is identified by the hip hop world as a legend. He made a significant contribution in reference to putting hip hop artist from the south on the map. Fast forward to 2019 and he is looking forward to making a new contribution but in a different type of way. 
Scarface is taking a step back, and Brad Jordan is taking a step up. Brad Jordan is the rapper known as Scarface birth name. He announced he was running for Houston City Council in District D just hours before fellow Geto Boy, Bushwick Bill was pronounced dead. 
Jordan was attracted to politics due to the challenges he faced early on in life.
“I’m super passionate when it comes to the people. This is the district that I’m from, and I recognize the problems. But I don’t want to point the finger at the problems.  I just want to be responsible for the solutions,” Jordan stated.
Education, job training, re-entry programs for formerly incarcerated people, and addressing the city’s infrastructure and vulnerability to flooding are at the top of the City Council candidate Brad Jordan’s priority list. He is focused and ready to take the council seat. Scarface is a hip hop legend who is a part of music history. Brad Jordan is a City Council candidate who is waiting to be formally introduced. November 5th will be Brad Jordan’s official chance to take the stage when the city of Houston hold their general elections.

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