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Fall Fitness Goals: How You Can Benefit From Exercising

Summer is coming to a close and autumn is promptly arriving. With that being said you might be taking a look at the things in your life right now that you want to change. For example, maybe you want to stop eating out as much to save a little more money since the holidays will be approaching quicker than we can imagine. Now is a great time to reflect on your daily life choices and decide how you can improve them. Improving your fitness is a common goal for everyone, due to how it can greatly improve your overall health and quality of life. Are you not sure where to start? Well, let’s get into it!


Determine Your Why.

A good first step when restructuring or creating your fitness plan is to determine your reason why. Why do you want to improve your fitness? Do you want to lose weight? Or, are you more interested in getting stronger? Your fitness doesn’t have to be based on physical appearance. Your “why” can be to improve your mental health or to just move your body to be healthy. Whatever your “why” is, be sure to determine it at the beginning of your journey. 

Right after determining your reason “why” write down on a piece of paper your fitness goals. These goals should correspond with your “why.” For example, if your goal is to lose weight, then give yourself specific and measurable goals to achieve. That could look something like this; I will lose 10lbs within the first two weeks of my fitness journey by following a healthy and realistic diet and focusing on intense cardio workouts. If you need some inspiration on how to set fitness goals, check this out

How Are You Getting Your Body Moving? 

The major part of establishing your fitness journey is discovering how you’re going to get moving. It’s important to find a workout method that works best for you. Everyone’s workout routine is different and there are so many different options you can choose. If you’re a beginner and want to learn how to lift weights, try working with a personal trainer. Personal trainers will help you to have the correct form when lifting, motivate you, and help you achieve your personal fitness goals. If you’re more interested in a group-style workout class, try spin, pilates, or barre. These are great ways to work out while also feeling a sense of community. 

If these options are too high of an intensity level for you, it’s okay to try something else that is less taxing on your body. Yoga is a perfect way to achieve this. Yoga has many different levels, from beginner to advanced. Additionally, yoga has a variety of movements that may be ideal and in line with your overall fitness goals. Sometimes, however, even yoga can be hard to fit into a busy schedule or just might not be fitting for you. Another great and easy way to get in movement is walking. Walking is a simple way to get your heart rate up and break a sweat. Whether you take a quick 10-minute walk or walk 1 hour a day, that movement will help you in the end when trying to reach your goals. 

How You Can Benefit From Working Out?

Aside from seeing a physical appearance change from working out, there are so many more benefits you will reap. For starters, working out is great for your mental health. People who struggle with anxiety and depression can often find relief in working out. Fitness is a healthy outlet for those with mental health challenges. It’s important to note, however, that professional mental health help should be sought out in addition to using different strategies to cope. You might find your online mental health professional can make providing depression medication easily accessible. They could even applaud you for finding an outlet that relieves your anxiety or depression and give you some other strategies for you to utilize. 

Another way you can benefit from working out is by making friends. Working out is a great way to meet new people that have similar interests. It might be nerve-racking but try making friends at your gym or in your group fitness class. Compliment someone’s workout outfit or their form when lifting weights. You can even ask for advice as well. If you’re taking a group class, try getting there a little early and make conversation with the others signed up. If you find someone that you get along with and have things in common, go out for coffee after class to develop the budding friendship even more. If you become good friends you could even work out together, motivating each other even more because you are sharing similar goals and successes!

Fitness can bring out your inner confidence and let it shine through. Not only will you feel more confident physically, but also mentally. Your confidence will definitely grow during your fitness journey. Fitness allows you to work on yourself in so many different ways, it’s easy for you to grow and change into a different, healthier, and more confident person. Treat yourself and your new-found confidence by purchasing some cute and comfortable activewear

Starting Is the Hardest Part.

Starting your fitness journey and determining your fitness goals can be the hardest part. But once you start and stay consistent you’re all set. Remember to be kind to yourself, going through a lot of changes can be challenging. Remind yourself of your goals and check in with yourself throughout your journey. Take a look at your fitness routine and see if what you’re doing is helping you reach your goals and working for you. If you need to adjust things, do so accordingly. Have fun with this and stay excited about making a healthy lifestyle change!

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