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Former NFL All-Pro Safety Earl Thomas Is The Victim of Identity Theft


Former NFL All-Pro safety Earl Thomas was recently the victim of identity theft as Kevin J. Thompson, a New Orleans man who is currently dating Thomas’ ex-wife Nina, was arrested on multiple charges.

According to Sergeant Brandon Veal, spokesperson for the Sheriff’s office, the 38-year-old Kevin Thompson is facing charges of identity theft, forgery, bank fraud, credit card fraud, and computer fraud. The crimes that Thompson reportedly committed are being labeled as a $1.9 million identity theft scheme.

Thompson is being accused of obtaining a fake driver’s license with his photo, that included the former NFL star’s information. He was able to use it to commit multiple crimes. In May of 2022, Thompson allegedly opened an account at the Jefferson Federal Credit Union in the former NFL player’s name.

Thompson proceeded to move $700,000 from Earl Thomas’ personal account, into the Jefferson Federal Credit Union account. He also allegedly cashed the former All-Pro’s NFL checks, transferred the titles of multiple vehicles owned by Earl Thomas to himself, sold most of the cars, and kept the money.

The credit union located in Texas, where Earl Thomas has multiple accounts, contacted the Jefferson Federal Credit Union to report suspicious activity, and they also alerted law enforcement. A day later, Kevin Thompson was arrested at a Jefferson Federal Credit Union located in New Orleans.

At the time of the arrest back in June of 2023, Thompson was driving a Rolls Royce that he transferred out of the former NFL safety’s name. Upon his release from custody, Thompson tried to retrieve the Rolls Royce while driving a stolen Corvette, and he was arrested again.

Earl and Nina Thomas made things official as they got married back in 2016. Four years later, things went terribly wrong when Nina caught her husband Earl cheating at an Airbnb in Austin, Texas. A violent encounter occurred which resulted in Nina being arrested, and shortly after divorce papers were filed.

Earl Thomas was a star safety for the University of Texas Longhorns. He would go on to be drafted in 2010 by the Seattle Seahawks. Thomas played his final season in Baltimore, but during nine seasons in Seattle, Thomas was a 7-time Pro Bowler, 3-time All-Pro, and a 2014 Super Bowl Champion.

Kevin J. Thompson is currently free on a $730,000 bond. Thompson is being charged with multiple crimes, but it’s believed that he didn’t act alone. 


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