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Founder of Southern Tax Preparation and Services Will Host the 100th Black Wall Street Business Expo

Jasmine Young is the founder of Southern Tax Preparation & Services located in Atlanta, GA.  Jasmine Young is a CPA that created TFUI “The Financial Literacy Institute”. It’s an online program that delivers high-quality financial education and offers exceptional flexibility, accessibility, and affordability to any individual striving to better their lives and improve their financial health.  On June 19th Jasmine will be hosting the 100th Commemoration Black Wall Street Business Expo that will feature a plethora of Black-owned businesses in Atlanta and abroad who will showcase their company services at individual booths in efforts to make business connections and/or collaborations and to, most importantly, generate and circulate the Black dollar. Throughout the year, Jasmine hosts several Fiancnail literacy events. There will be celebrities, special guests and entertainment for all to enjoy.


Patrice: What is your Swagher? What makes Jasmine, Jasmine?

Jasmine: My swagher is my purpose aligns with my passion. My passion has always been numbers. As a child, I counted everything – my steps, my food particles, the number of car tags that indicated the same county when my parents would drive us to Mobile, AL. Anything I could count, I did. And I was good at it. Loved math in school. My purpose is to spread financial literacy around the globe one strategy at a time, and that strategy is developed through the analysis of numbers. I’m thankful that my passion aligns with my purpose and makes what I do so much more meaningful.

Patrice: Tell us more about your business Southern Tax Preparation.

Jasmine: Southern Tax Preparation & Services is a premier CPA located in Atlanta, GA. We help 5-7 figure individuals and businesses transition from managing their finances to building wealth through strategic planning, with a focus on financial waste elimination and resource allocation. Our firm’s business model was built with flexibility in mind. As a result, our services are provided through various cloud-based platforms; so we can serve anyone anywhere.

Patrice: How long was the company in business for?

Jasmine: We incorporated in November 2014; so this year makes 7 years.

Patrice: Why do you think tax services are highly important?

Jasmine: I think what people fail to realize is taxes are for us. When people don’t pay the appropriate taxes, then in times of crisis, such as a pandemic, there are no funds to distribute to taxpayers to assist them. A lot of people are unaware that the stimulus checks aren’t money thar the government just created. It’s tax dollars that taxpayers have paid into the government – its our money. Taxes are the way the government raises funds to pay for government programs for the people of this country. Take the elders in your family for example – Social Security and Medicare are federal programs. How are these programs funded? Taxes! So when you don’t pay your taxes, you’re essentially hurting your loved ones who benefit from these programs.

Patrice: Let’s talk about the Black Wall Street Business Expo. What can you tell us about this event?

Jasmine: This is a monumental event. This event will commemorate the 100th year since Black Wall Street’s existence. It’s being held on Juneteenth, another important celebration for the African American community as the last slaves were freed in Galveston, TX on this date. Black Wall Street is a celebration of the black excellence and resilience that our ancestors exemplified, but it is also a call to action for the African American community to revive the interdependence we once had on each other and rebuild our community’s wealth in the manner that existed during the time of Black Wall Street. We’ll be discussing the power of the black dollar, what each and every one can do to revive the spirit of Black Wall Street, and how, through bringing the black dollar back to our own community, we can bring about the change needed to control the narrative as it relates to the social injustices our community has been experiencing.

Patrice: What services does your business provide?

Jasmine: Tax return preparation, bookkeeping, payroll, financial consulting, virtual CFO services, business formation, and estate planning.

Patrice: Any new projects that you are working on?

Jasmine: Getting our nonprofit, The Financial Literacy Institute’s, financial literacy courses in the school system. We’ve been fortunate to partner with some schools within the APS system and teach some of our courses. Our goal is to get a financial literacy curriculum into as many school systems as possible to teach generations while they are young and help prevent financial mistakes that older generations have made.


Connect with Jasmine:

Facebook: 1. Southern Tax Preparation & Services 2. Talk Wealthy to Me (which is our podcast)

Instagram: @yourfamilycpa @southerntaxprep @talkwealthytomepodcast

Twitter: @yourfamilycpa @southerntaxprep





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