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Four Tips on How to Attend Christmas Alone

The holidays are here, and many of us will be celebrating alone. Not necessarily because we choose to, but because of the circumstances. It could be due to the loss of a relationship, the loss of a loved one, relocation, or simply due to financial restrictions. When the weeks wind down and the days get closer, family, friends, and co-workers tend to extend invitations with the hopes that we’ll show. Their efforts are to keep our minds off the fact that we are celebrating alone, not realizing that, most times, it does the opposite. Regardless of why having a plan to make it through the holiday(s) will make it easier. So, here are four tips on how to “attend” the holidays alone.


  • Plan Your Time

More than likely, multiple invites have been extended to attend the holiday functions. Set a number of places you will attend to spread out the time. This helps to eliminate the “alone” time that would have taken place instead. Having multiple places to go also gives you an easy way out of every place you visit. This way, you don’t have to stay anywhere too long by yourself. If you have not received extensive invitations, plan to enjoy yourself in multiple ways (e.g., cook your favorite meal, rent/order a movie you’ve wanted to watch, or indulge in a (healthy) guilty pleasure). 

  • Dress Cute but Comfortable

The last thing you want to do when you know you are going somewhere alone is to spend a whole lot of time finding something to wear. Use this opportunity to dress in your cutest comfy attire. Since you’re planning to visit multiple Christmas functions, you will likely eat at multiple places. Comfortable clothes won’t show how much you indulge. 

  • Plan to Digress

Think about your favorite things to do to unwind at the end of the day. It could be anything—reading, writing, dancing, singing, painting, running, or whatever. Be sure to leave enough time in your day to participate actively. Allow yourself time to appreciate the moments you experienced earlier. Planning this time also gives you something to look forward to at the end of the day. 

  • Carry Some Foil

It is the only logical thing to do in such a situation. With all of the Christmas dinners you’ll attend, it would be wise to have some foil ready to carry away some of your favorite foods from the day. Making those extra plates will come in handy during the week when you don’t want to cook or spend money on food. I know it sounds funny, but it’s logical. You don’t want to be ready to take home the last slice of sweet potato pie and have nothing to cover it with.

All in all, enjoy yourself. 


Article Written by: Shay Cole| Shay is a writer, author, coach, poet, and publisher. She owns and operates Creative Chameleon LLC, a professional writing and publishing company, specializing in creating custom content for books, blogs, and websites. Shay has self-published a number of books and seeks to help others accomplish the same goal. She also performs her poetry on stages across the country. To learn more about Shay and what she does, please visit the website


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