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From “Chopped! Sweets” to “Lady Lexis Kitchen”: The Rise of Chef Lexis Gonzalez

Chef Lexis’ culinary journey started in Harlem, where she developed a love for food from a young age. Despite initially studying accounting, she pursued her passion for cooking and opened her first bakery, Lady Lexis Sweets, at just twenty-three years old. Her exceptional pastry skills soon earned her recognition, and she was invited to compete on Food Network’s “Chopped! Sweets”. Chef Lexis has also been featured in various events and media outlets, including the Food and Wine Festival, Essence, and People Magazine.

Chef Lexis is also the private chef behind “Lady Lexis Kitchen,” where she coined the term “Boricua Geechee Cuisine,” a unique blend of Puerto Rican and Southern-style food. In addition to being a chef, she is also an educator, providing exclusive cooking classes while working to dispel stereotypes about nutrition and food in the African-American community. Chef Lexis shares her passion for cooking on her YouTube channel and serves her signature Boricua Geechee cuisine at pop-up events.

Chef Lexis’ journey serves as an inspiration to aspiring chefs everywhere, and she continues to perfect and expand her craft. She not only excels in the kitchen but also advocates for food education and cultural appreciation. Lady Lexis Sweets, her bakery in East Harlem, is not just a place to satisfy a sweet tooth but is also a testament to her passion and dedication to the culinary arts.

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