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From Desperation to Viral Sensation: The Inspiring Journey Behind Bask & Lather

In this interview, we delve into the inspiring journey behind Bask & Lather with its founder, Shaina. The conversation explores the personal experiences and challenges that motivated Shaina to create the brand, including her sister’s hair loss and her own struggle with “COVID hair.” Shaina shares insights into how her background as a Nurse Practitioner influenced the development of their flagship product, the Scalp Stimulator, and the role of social media in their rapid growth. Additionally, Shaina offers valuable advice to aspiring entrepreneurs and outlines her future plans for the company, highlighting Bask & Lather’s commitment to hair health and wellness.


Christina: What is your SwagHer? What makes Shaina, Shaina? 

Shaina: Outside of being a boss, I am a board-certified Nurse Practitioner, a mother of two, a fiancée’ and a real estate investor. 

Christina: Why did you decide to start Bask & Lather, and did you ever think it would become so popular? 

Shaina: A few years ago, my younger sister lost ALL her hair to a ringworm that spread across her scalp and was misdiagnosed as dandruff. The dermatologist told our mother that her hair may never grow back after months of having a smooth, shiny scalp. Out of desperation, our mother took things into her own hands and created a scalp oil to stimulate growth, now our #1 best-selling product and a viral sensation. In 2020, I was working as an office-based Nurse Practitioner. When COVID struck, I was deployed to work at our local hospital. I acquired COVID and became very ill—-to the point where I ended up in an ambulance on a non-rebreather mask. I eventually recovered. However, a short while later, my hair began to shed in clumps, and the texture changed. I was heartbroken, devastated, and embarrassed. Even after having survived a deadly disease, I was so hurt about my hair. At this time, nobody knew that “COVID hair” was a thing. I began to use our “Scalp Stimulator” and “Hair Elixir” (they didn’t have names then) concoctions very consistently and my hair reverted to normal. It stopped shedding and thickened, and the texture returned to normal. It was at this time that I knew that we had to share these products with the world. Not only did these products restore my sister’s hair, but they also revived mine too. I told my mom, “We HAVE to share these products with people. If I’m young and experiencing hair loss out of nowhere, imagine how many other people like me are going through the same thing.”

Christina: How did your experience as a Nurse Practitioner influence the development of the Scalp Stimulator? 

Shaina: My mother created our Scalp Stimulator oil out of desperation in an attempt to regrow my sister’s hair. As a healthcare professional, I helped her to ensure that the ingredient blends were safe and efficacious. 

Christina: Beyond the Scalp Stimulator, what other products of Bask & Lather would you recommend to someone suffering from hair loss? 

Shaina: I always recommend using our Hair Elixir along with our Scalp Stimulator. Our Hair Elixir is formulated to thicken and strengthen hair. It works wonders for length retention, while the Scalp Stimulator promotes growth. Together, our Scalp Stimulator and Hair Elixir are the best of both worlds for growth and length retention,

Christina: What role has social media, particularly TikTok, played in the rapid growth and viral success of your brand, and what tips do you have for others looking to leverage these platforms?

Shaina:  Social media has been the key component to the company’s exponential growth. I was able to build a large organic following on Instagram within the first year of business, which contributed significantly to our success. TikTok has been an amazing journey. Initially, I was unsuccessful in curating TikTok content on my own. I decided to hire a social media manager, who was also unsuccessful on the platform. My 15-year-old son, Jayden, told me that he could manage our TikTok account. I said, “You’re a 15-year-old boy. What do you know about women or haircare?” Well, Jayden created viral video after viral video for our TikTok and skyrocketed our TikTok Shop account. We quickly gained over 200,00 new followers in just a few short months and hold the #1 spot for the bestselling hair growth oil and bestselling edge control on the platform. 

Christina: What advice would you give to aspiring entrepreneurs facing adversity, and how can they turn their challenges into opportunities for growth and success?

Shaina: Create your own lane. Authenticity is key to growing an engaged audience and staying ahead of the curve in a “saturated” market. Don’t sell products! Sell the value proposition. Make sure that what you have to offer is beneficial to the customer. 

Running a business is HARD, and it’s a journey that you are often going to navigate while figuring things out all on your own. My biggest piece of advice is to:

1) know every single aspect of your business and know how to manage all tasks yourself before hiring out. 

2) Never be scared to try anything! Have a just-do-it attitude, and don’t try to put ideas off for too long while waiting for the perfect moment. NOW is the perfect moment. 

Christina: What are your future plans for Bask & Lather? 

Shaina: Our current plan is to continue to expand our presence digitally before expanding into mass retail.

Christina: Is there anything else you would like to share?

Shaina: Bask and Lather is a brand that focuses on hair health and wellness, unlike other products that focus on styling. We don’t take shortcuts when it comes to sourcing the highest-quality ingredients and educating our consumers on easy-to-follow healthy hair regimens. 


Connect with Shaina below:

Website: https://baskandlatherco.com/ 

Instagram: @baskandlatherco

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/shaina-rainford-ms-rn-fnp-c-27b241113/ 



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