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From Imagination to Impact: An Interview with Versatile Author Selena Haskins

Selena’s journey as an author is rooted in a deep-seated passion for storytelling that began in her childhood, driven by a natural gift for creativity and a love for reading. Inspired by her vivid imagination and a desire to create her own narratives, Selena embarked on a path to become an author, feeling called to share her unique perspective with the world. Her literary influences, ranging from Connie Briscoe to Leonard Pitts Jr., resonate with her due to their distinctive storytelling styles and profound character development. Selena’s extensive repertoire spans nine books across diverse genres, reflecting her belief that stories themselves often dictate the genre, rather than the other way around. While she excels in family sagas and romance, her works also weave in historical elements, enriching her narratives with glimpses of the past. 

One of Selena’s recent novels, “Cousins-All We Got Is Us,” delves into family dynamics and mysteries set against the backdrop of Washington, DC, during the 1980s and 1990s. This compelling coming-of-age tale explores themes of unity and betrayal within the Walker Cousins’ circle, promising readers a poignant and immersive experience. As she looks to the future, Selena hints at forthcoming sequels and children’s books, offering her audience much to anticipate in her evolving literary journey. Through her engaging storytelling and enduring passion, Selena continues to captivate readers, ensuring her place among the most cherished contemporary authors.


Christina: What is your SwagHer? What makes Selena, Selena?

Selena: Passion, resilience, and ambition. I’m passionate about my writing. Resilient because I try my hardest to beat the odds, and ambitious because I’ve always been a goal-driven person. Put it all together, and that’s my SwagHer.

Christina: What inspired you to become an author? Who is your favorite author, and why? 

Selena: I believe writing is a gift that God blessed me with at an early age. I was that kid who always had a vivid imagination and loved reading. I said one day, I’m going to write a book. I have so many favorite authors, and I love them for their original storytelling, character development, and narration. Connie  Briscoe, Daniel Black, Margaret Johnson-Hodge, Bernice McFadden, Leonard Pitts Jr., Omar Tyree, and the list goes on.  

Christina: With nine different books covering various genres such as family saga, romance, historical fiction, young adult, and children’s books, why do you choose to explore such a wide range of storytelling?

Selena: Good question. I think the stories chose me, and I wrote them when they came to mind. Usually, selecting the genre comes later. Even though I’ve written in different genres, my strong suit is family saga and romance. Readers will often find a little bit of historical information within those genres since I like writing flashbacks about certain periods. For instance, my book, “Yesterday Was a Long Time Ago,” was a college romance set in the 90s as a flashback, but then ultimately ends in the 2000s. 

Christina: How did being featured on NBC News impact your writing career?

Selena: That was such an exciting time! I had written my first children’s book, “She Can Hoop.” NBC News-4, here in Washington, DC, had a summer reading program, so I reached out, and they called me for an interview. Everyone was excited to see me on TV. My book sales skyrocketed! It led me to write another  children’s book, “She Can Dance.” I’m truly thankful for that opportunity. 

Christina: Tell us a little bit about your latest novel, “Cousins-All We Got Is Us”. Where can readers go to purchase? 

Selena: Cousins is a coming-of-age story slash family mystery about the struggles of the Walker Cousins as they grow up in Washington, DC, during the 1980s and 1990s. Each cousin has their challenges, but they lean on each other. One day, a tragic event happens, and family secrets begin to unravel. Soon, they discover that their enemies were never those on the outside but the ones within their midst.  The book can be purchased on Amazon and other online retailers.

Christina: Looking ahead, what can readers expect from you in terms of future projects in the literary world?

Selena: Cousins will have a part 2 when the characters become adults. “Cousins-Family Over Everything.  (F.O.E),” and I’m writing another children’s book, “The Fruit of God’s Spirit.” 

Christina: Is there anything else you would like to share? 

Selena:  I just want to thank SwagHer for this opportunity. I enjoy following you on social media.  


Connect with Selena:


Instagram: @booksbyselena 

Facebook: @booksbyselena 

LinkedIn: Author Selena Haskins


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