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Healing Through Intimacy: The LTSG Collective Event Recap

To celebrate my 37th birthday, I wanted to do some serious self-care. So I decided to attend the Let That Shit Go an Intimacy Experience presented by The Let That Shit Go Collective. 


It was a three-day event with Solrise yoga led by Kahrisma (one of the founders) and meditation facilitated by Keri James (another founder) the first two mornings. There was a sound bowl session on Sunday led by Keke Morgan. In the evening, more activities followed. 

LTSG Collective


The first night was the Gathering of the Gods and Goddesses, which I missed, but the second night was Intimate Talks + Relating Experiences featuring Hasina Ifra and TK Abuwi (the third founder). The evening was focused on partner intimacy.  After a dinner discussion of thought-provoking questions, we did exercises like eye-gazing and command-giving. Their purpose was to promote trust and compel us to use our senses. 

LTSG Collective

The third activity took place during the day and was the Sip + Satya Sister Circle. After a light brunch discussion, we had a lengthy conversation about personal intimacy and how to practice it with ourselves. But that was only one of the topics, as the conversation flowed from intimacy to dating situations, including domestic violence. 


What I enjoyed most about the event was the transparency and realness the women portrayed. Everyone shared genuinely with what appeared to be no fear of judgment, and they had reason to lack it because the vibes were genuine and pure. Guests listened to understand and not just rebuttal or argue their points because the event’s purpose was to heal or improve their personal situations. So they were open to input. 


I think The LTSG Collective did an excellent job with the event, and I strongly suggest you stay tuned for the next one. 


Photos by Tam.


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