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Holiday Inspired Fashion Hacks for the “SwagHer Boss Lady”

If you are described as a person who is “always on the go,” “always in a meeting,” or “always grinding,” then this article is definitely for you! Being fashionable or stylish isn’t always a “must’ in the mind of the busy “SwagHer Boss Lady” who is building businesses, reaching goals, leaving legacies, and creating generational wealth. It is good to look nice, especially if you have your own business or want to climb the “corporate ladder.” Even as busy as we are, our appearance sometimes speaks louder than our most eloquent words. You never know who you will meet running errands, going to a meeting, or even pumping gas! 

So on that note, we have done the homework for you! We have created fashion hacks just in time for the Holidays! This way, you will have options and even be inspired to get into the holiday spirit!  


Hack #1: Dress it up with a Scarf!

A splash of color on a blank canvas can be all that is needed to paint a beautiful picture! This season, get yourself a few colored scarves that can dress up any outfit at any time! Lean towards colors of the season such as cranberry red, burnt orange, hunter green, or even a silver and gold combination scarf. Scarves can be wrapped around your neck for a chic look with a puffer jacket, peacoat, or even a quick sweater coat. I often grab a scarf when running errands while wearing a jean jacket or duster. 

Hack #2: The Oversized Shirt, Shacket, or Jacket 

A quick “grab and go” this trend is comfortable and can be dressed up or down. Take an oversized shirt and wear it over a solid color such as a quick black tank top and black leggings. Try a shacket, which is heavier than an oversized shirt but not as heavy as a jacket. Wear this over something casual or not. Think about an oversized jacket like a denim jacket that can be worn over a sleeveless, turtleneck sweater dress with boots or a vest graphic t-shirt, mini skirt, and flat thigh-high boots.  

Hack #3: The Basics

Now every woman boss should know that you must have the basics in your wardrobe! Basics such as solid-colored tank tops for layered looks; solid-colored leggings to be versatile; solid-colored turtlenecks and long sleeve tops; a simple black dress, etc. You get the point! Even implement the Holiday color palette in your basics so you can look festive for a last-minute office holiday party, holiday gathering, or holiday-themed event. The basics allow you to throw something on and look fierce, especially when paired with a jacket or fur.

Hack #4: Finally Boots Season!

Yes, yes, yes! Finally, boots season! To always be trendy, it is safe to get black, tan, and a printed boot. Heel or no heel, boots do the job of making you look stylish and classy! 

Hack #5: Hat Day

When you don’t feel like doing your hair, throw on a classic hat! Not a baseball cap that looks like it has been kicked choked, and picked out of a hole! This season, a classic hat would consist of the Fedora or a solid colored baseball cap such as black, tan (to go with those boots), or even winter white. Hats can make you look like money or make you look broke! So, choose a great classic hat that you can rock and look fabulous! 

Hack #6: That Look on Deck!

So, here is what I believe. All busy people need to have at least one look on deck that they could pull when it is an emergency! Here are some scenarios: When a client wants to sign on the dotted line and meet now and not later. When your boss is demanding your presence at a dinner meeting with the “big shots,” or when you have to show up to speak at an engagement that you forgot about. That “look on deck” will save you every time! Ensure that it is something that you will feel good about wearing and needs little attention (i.e., ironing!). I suggest a sweater dress or cardigan with flared pants that can be dressed up with shoes, accessories, and a smile!

Enjoy the holiday season, boss!

Article Written by: Sabrina Espere Carrington @sabrinaespere| Born and raised in our nation’s capital, Washington, D.C. Sabrina Espere Carrington has always been around creatives, writers, artists and powerful women in business. As a little girl, Sabrina enjoyed writing poetry and even short stories. Little did she know that she would grow to love writing and have the desire to become a columnist/magazine writer. In addition to her writing, Sabrina is also a motivational speaker and Women’s Empowerment Coach. She has been featured on numerous podcasts, live talk shows, and radio broadcasts. Since the Pandemic, Sabrina has been a sought after expert- giving advice and encouragement to listeners around the world. She has been interviewed by some of the best hosts in the media.


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