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I Attended a Full Moon Release & Renew Ceremony, Here’s What Happened

This weekend, I jumped at the opportunity to attend a sister’s circle for the purpose of releasing and renewing in preparation of 2022. The event, called “Release & Renew: End of Year Full Moon Ceremony,” was held by Adara Moselle of Adara’s Electric Touch. While the event was for ladies only, there were a couple of unassuming gentlemen who provided protection and helped facilitate Adara in her healing work. I appreciated the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual support that the men freely gave to the women in attendance. 


Beforehand, we were asked to come as comfortable as possible and told to wear a bare face – no makeup. Adara stated, “This is a time for you to let go of and receive whatever it is you need from yourself with the support of other beautiful souls.” I admit that this was a challenge. Makeup allows me the courage to be confident while I conceal my insecurities. I doubled up on the jewelry and accessories to compensate for the absence of foundation, blush, and eyeshadow. Suffice it to say that the vulnerability was just beginning for me.


The atmosphere was decorated very beautifully with each fixture symbolizing something of spiritual significance. It was truly a peaceful and welcoming environment. Refreshments were also served for all pallets including jumbo shrimp, mussels, chicken breast, kale wraps, spinach dip, and stuffed mushrooms. The holiday edition of Lindt chocolates was a delightful touch.


I am still digesting the evening as I was filled with different emotions throughout the night. There was laughter. There was silence. There was pensive reflection. There were moments of insight. I usually can tell when I’m about to cry, which is very rare, perhaps twice a year. However, I was caught off guard this weekend. My own vulnerability snuck up on me. After partaking in the rapé ceremony, I unexpectedly gave way to tears. Rapé (pronounced hah-PAY) is powdered tobacco from the Amazon. Shamans use it for grounding purposes. It seemed to break through my hard exterior and cause my sensitivity to burst forth.


We dedicated a significant amount of time to arguably the most important aspect of the ceremony: our ancestors. We paid homage to those who have gone before us and made a way. They have paved our paths with gold for every step we take is precious. I knew that I had to attend Adara’s event; I just didn’t know why. It increasingly became abundantly clear that clarity itself is what I was seeking. When I look back at what my ancestors overcame on the outside and what they conquered within, it makes my 2022 look brighter.


How or if you celebrate the New Year is a personal decision. I would like to suggest that you take full advantage of the energy right now. This is the end of one chapter and the beginning of another one. Newness is in the air! When it comes to the things that no longer serve your highest good, throw caution to the wind and release them. When it comes to your goals which have been mountain covered with cobwebs, dust them off and renew them.


Consuela Allen

Consuela Allen @speakerconsuela  | Consuela is a Certified Life-Purpose Coach, Certified Peer Specialist, Respect Institute Speaker, Mental Health First Aider, Spiritual Midwife, and Songwriter. In other words, she is a lover of words. Consuela enjoys utilizing written, verbal and musical communication to facilitate healing and wholeness.


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