I Don’t Do Well With Change

I do not do well with change, if we are being honest. It sounds good to put on a resume, but I realize I suck when it comes time to adapt to a situation quickly. As I was thinking about this, I wondered if bipolar disorder had something to do with how changes aggravate me the way they do.

I used to complain and practically whine until I thought about what I must look like sulking, so I now try to hide this fact, but I don’t think I do too good of a job with it. Those around me can still tell. My daughter Dylan is the worst. She calls me out each time.

Does Bipolar Disorder Make Change More Difficult

However, I discovered that those who battle bipolar disorder should develop routines that include healthy lifestyle habits.

I am very much a routine person, or at least I used to be. Then I got to thinking back to what disrupted my routine. As I recalled events, I realized it was my daughter’s car breaking down, which meant I became her personal chauffeur, like when she was not of driving age. This might seem small to some, but if you are a mom of an active child or teenager, you know this is the real “hell on wheels.” Caregivers may get this, also. 

I thought back to how my mood changes when I have to take my daughter to extra places outside of work and how my mood would be even worse when I had to also take my son to his job, which is across town. I realized change is a trigger for me.

And it’s not that we have harsh feelings towards the person we are running with, but it is the fact that it is a lot to add to your day, and it shakes things up when you have a pattern. 

My ideal day goes something like this: wake up at 4 am, brush my teeth, pray, write affirmations and journal, meditate, go for a walk, eat, shower, and get to work. Work until about 4 pm, do yoga, shower, eat, don’t answer my phone, and listen to Audible until I fall asleep at about 9 pm. Notice the only time I mention leaving my house is for the walk. I can do everything else from my safe place.

So imagine how chauffeuring disrupted my day!

Tips for Those with Bipolar Disorder

For those with bipolar disorder, routines help to manage mood swings. It is also suggested that you do the following. 

  1. Control your stress.
  2. Keep a regular sleep schedule.
  3. Get moving. Be active.
  4. Avoid alcohol, caffeine, and substance abuse.

You can read more here.

Ironically, I already consider all these priorities for living a happy life. 

Fortunately, I am getting my daughter’s car fixed next week, and she will be able to drive herself around. Hopefully, I will be able to get back into a routine. 

If you battle with bipolar disorder, I’d love to know what your routines are. Comment below or email me at fancy@swagher.net

From Fancy w/ Love


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