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Inspirational Women In Business You Should Know: Author and Mental Health Therapist, Britteny Petty

Mental Health Therapist Britteny Petty chose to start Ingeniously Made Whole also known as IMW because she felt that she was running from her calling. Britteny tried so many different multi-level marketing businesses and she also worked in Corporate America. Out of everything Britteny has ever done, the biggest joy and smile to her heart was working in the field of education. Being able to see that she was needed beyond her own four walls. After working in the field of education, getting burned out and looking for ways outside of the classroom which led Britteny to become a counselor, but not being able to actually counsel. Which then led her to the field of mental health allowing Britteny the ability to start IMW to fill a need that many don’t know exists.

Britteny realized early on teaching math that she could not teach anyone math if they were not confident. Someone with confidence can achieve so much in life, but those who lack confidence cannot achieve anything Britteny tells us. This allowed her to realize that our youth need empowerment, they need to feel confident, they need to feel valued and most importantly they need to be whole.

IMW serves the youth by allowing each and every person whether a teen or young adult to deal with their inner child and press forward to accomplish anything they put their mind to. IMW allows each individual to be encouraged to look at their mental health and do the inner work to be whole instead of looking at others for their wholeness.

We are honored to introduce our readers, to Ingeniously Made Whole Founder, Britteny Petty.

Tammy: How would you describe your business to a potential customer?

Britteny: I would describe my business to a potential customer as self-empowerment, self-love and truly loving yourself. Like many, we don’t take the time to love ourselves and put ourselves first especially when you are a wife or mom and you work nonstop. I love to explain to people that IMW is a place that serves you and allows you to put your needs first. IMW allows you to walk with confidence and empowerment knowing your worth of who you are and whose you are. The ultimate idea is for one to never ever have to put themselves in a situation where they question their self-worth and their self-confidence.

Tammy: Are you currently seeking any help with your business? If so, what kind?

Britteny: Yes, I am currently seeking help with my business. I have been blessed to be able to hire an assistant, but I’m always looking to hire more assistants and those who see the vision of IMW. I am now doing Mental Health Self Care Retreats so because of this I’m looking for people who want to speak and promote their businesses. I believe that we can all help each other win so I am not threatened by those who promote their business whether it is through my mental health self care retreats or my podcast. I know making these types of connections also helps open doors for myself as well as my ultimate goal for IMW is to be known and spread worldwide across the nation.

Tammy: What greatest successes have you ever had in your industry?

Britteny: The greatest success I have had in my industry as a mental health therapist is being able to connect with families, especially those of African-American descent. Just being able to break down content and diagnosis shows the importance of taking the first step which is to get help. Being able to advocate for families of all ethnicities to bridge the gap if a student says they need help or they want to commit suicide. I am there to help direct families to the right places and resources.

Other successes include being able to offer a lot through IMW. I have been able to offer my first book Stop the Drama Stop Comparing and Focus on You as well as my collaboration book that’s coming out this fall Listen Up. Listen Up has allowed me the opportunity to open the door and provide resources for many of my collaborators to have their first book published which is truly a blessing. Some additional successes include, but are not limited to connecting with community organizations and being able to speak internationally. I just came back from Italy where I was able to speak and be on a panel, sell books, and give books away to the community which is really a blessing. I have been able to speak on various stages and platforms about mental health, self-esteem, confidence, healing, and the list just goes on and on.

I have been able to accomplish a lot with IMW being a new company so I can only imagine where IMW will be in the years to come. I definitely don’t want to forget about my very own podcast which is also a part of IMW Ingeniously Made Whole where I have officially reached 600 subscribers and 6,000 views. What I’ve learned is to just keep God first and God will do the work from there as long as my heart is pure.

Tammy: What is the latest news you can share with us about your upcoming projects?

Britteny: The latest news I can share with you regarding IMW which I’m so excited about is our therapy boxes. Right now, everyone can join the email waitlist and they can be informed immediately when therapy boxes will drop starting August 1st. These are so unique and needed because it sets our youth and young adults up for success. These therapy boxes include a backpack with affirmations, a crown so they can understand their worth, a prayer card, an anxiety ring, and just different things to help our teens and our young adults. The goal is to help those who struggle and might be dealing with ADHD or anxiety as they’re getting ready to enter into this next school year and new phase of life. As we know as we elevate ourselves each year we want to grow and we want to challenge ourselves to be better so I’m so excited about therapy boxes.

The other things that we’re offering are self-care retreats. Our first one will be September the 15th through September the 18th and this is for anyone who just needs to take a break from the daily bustle of life. This retreat is all about self-care but once you come we’re going to work on healing and just do inner work. It allows you to change your mindset and that’s why this first one will be in Key West, Florida. I have it set up to where people can bring their friends or teens and I will work with their teens to help them to build confidence while working on self-empowerment and go over key topics that are really needed in order to have a solid foundation to spread their wings to fly into the real world.

Tammy: What is your overall goal for this year?

Britteny: The overall goal for IMW is to reach over 1,000 teens and young adults. The goal is to impact the lives of others day in and day out and to collaborate with other organizations that are serving teens and young adults. Another goal is for IMW to be able to go into schools and do the work to help build self-worth, and confidence with emphasis on mental health and being whole internally.

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