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Is Mercury Retrograde Causing Chaos in Your Life?

The world is experiencing both Mercury Retrograde right now, amid a major 2020 energy shift. Mercury Retrograde is when the actual planet Mercury appears to be going backward to us, but it really isn’t. This cycle started on October 13th and ends on November 4th, but we also experience what they call the shadow period, adding on two more weeks. We will still be experiencing its energy through the 20th of November.

There are several things to be mindful of during this time because Mercury Retrograde can cause chaos in technology, communication, and relationships. I’m going to share three ways Mercury Retrograde may affect your life and what you can do to protect your energy to protect yourself and get yourself through this energy shift in this time of uncertainty.

Reiki Master, crystal dealer, and CEO of The Regal Phoenix, Sharena Loggins, explains Mercury Retrograde and how to combat it below. 

Sharena Loggins

About Sharena Loggins

After 15 years of selling homes as a successful real estate broker, high-risk pregnancy, and birth of a newborn baby, Sharena Loggins’s life was forever changed. Now Sharena is a reiki master, crystal alchemist, and owner of The Regal Phoenix crystal shop, a six-figure online business that went viral from Pinterest. Sharena has turned her decade-long passion for collecting healing crystals and using intention candles into a company that helps everyone recognize the healer inside. 

Sharena created The Regal Phoenix from a place that she calls her Rock Bottom Season. During her most challenging times, she found herself still buying and gifting crystals to her friends and associates who needed to begin a healing process or were starting to explore the metaphysical realm. | @theregalphoenix


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