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Lawsuits Inspired By Upcoming Documentaries


Have you heard about the lawsuits inspired by the upcoming film documentaries?

According to reports via TMZ, Cynthia Love has filed suit against Coodie Simmons, Chike Ozah, and Netflix for her appearance in the documentary “jeen-yuhs’ streaming on Netflix.

‘In the clip below, Love is seen in an altered state, asking for change. Her suit is based on her having moved on with her life and wanting to put this part of her life in the past.

This suit, along with the suit that has been filed by individuals who are showcased in the upcoming 2024 Hulu FreakNik documentary, coincides with the 40th Anniversary of the infamous Freaknik of 1994. The film is set to hit Hulu, with a possible mid-April 2024 release.

These suits bring to light the impact of past choices and the repercussions that may come with the showcasing of events from the past.

Documentaries that show the reality of past events can potentially sometimes bring up past traumas or, in the case of the 4 prominent women, can inflict direct personal and professional harm. As each of these individuals made significant progress and accomplishments that are far removed from their past mistakes.

Will these suits create a space for more fact-checking and securing consent from individuals for appearances and/or actions from their past or in conjunction with historic or timely events? These suits may serve as cautionary advice for those who are wanting to release documentaries.



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