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Long Distance and Still at Home

We aren’t moving….
yet my mind is in this marathon,
trying to pull my legs and arms along,
But where would they sojourn,
when you’ve shown there are really no points I’ve earned.
Why despise the things I’ve taught, those things you’ve learned?
I’ve cooked a meal too large for me to eat,
I’ve made reservations for a queen I have yet to meet
after the first time your presence propped me to my feet,
And whatever reservations you may have,
I can assure what I take are better than baths,
I know I’m quite serious when it comes to arts and crafts,
Yet many will attest that I can make you laugh!
With me you would never run out of flowers….
I’m not Hollywood, yet I take the longest showers,
So if being clean is the question,
You can stop the guessing.
And if my height is at the height
of your discomfort,
Know the true measure of this man
reaches beyond most men’s numbers,
And if the face of me was only my poetry,
And this physical vessel 
was a changing canvas of my paintings that are special,
Would I then be worthy to see you in person?
Would you then spare my heart
these bricks it bares?
As I await to hold your hand and see you stare,
I am a lion and this letter is my lair,
At least rest your eyes on each line I’ve prepared.
With all that I know you are able to do,
I am left with nothing more than imagination to pursue,
As I walk around your words that can be so
cold and gritty.
A woman so pretty,
making me savor just a few pictures
while framing me as silly!
A wonder so witty,
making me feel countries away
while we’re in the same city.


Poem by: Jeromyah Jones is a visionary for justice, writer of truth, painter of life, and poet of love. He is a 2011 graduate of Hampton University. His words and paintings have been featured in international and national print, online, and television outlets such as Google,  CNN online, Voice of America, The Art Newspaper, NBA on TNT,, LAND Magazine, Chess UK, The National Herald, The Today Show, and more. Visit to learn more about the artist.


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