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Media Partner Spotlight: BAM Woman Magazine

Q: How would you describe your SwagHer?  

Latoyia: Beautiful, Ambitious & Motivated!

Q: What makes you, you? 

Latoyia: Not afraid to try new things. I’m a visionary and creator, so I see things all the way through….Even if it looks impossible!

Q: Tell us a little about your platform?

Latoyia: BAM Woman Magazineâ„¢ created to encourage, uplift & inspire women in business by offering them a platform to showcase their brand through our online magazine(bio sheets), podcast, and virtual interviews.

Q: What inspired your platform? 

Latoyia: After creating bio sheets for women in my community. I wanted to compile them for the world to see, offer a unique way for women in business to promote themselves and that’s how BAM Woman Magazine came about.

Q: What type of viewer/ reader/ listener would you say your outlet is ideal for? 

Latoyia: Women and for anyone wanting to support small business owners.

Q: What do you find most rewarding about your work? 

Latoyia: When ladies connect through our platform and form partnerships or someone says this exposure helped their business.

Q: What advice would you give to others considering a career in media?

Latoyia: Do your research! If you have a passion for it do it! Don’t be afraid to be in front of the camera. Decide what type of media you want to offer.


Connect with BAM Woman Magazine below:

Facebook: BAMWomanMagazine

Website: https://bamwomanmagazine.com/

Instagram: @bamwomanmagazine


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