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Meet A Queen’s Roundtable Quarterly Symposium Speaker, Eboni Gee

Living with a purpose,  LWAP, was founded with the vision to help busy professionals with their time management for a healthier personal and professional life. LWAP is a US-based company that is focused on promoting holistic wellness practices with practical techniques for better overall wellness and kidney health. Most major diseases such as kidney disease, diabetes, and hypertension, all are a result of a poor lifestyle and stress management. LWAP is dedicated to promoting wellness through consistent time management, priorities, and organization skills that lead busy professionals to achieve success and wellness in their careers, businesses, and personal lives.   

LWAP has a customer-centered approach which means your organization is our highest priority. Together, we discuss your current needs and create a plan to tackle what’s keeping you from the the harmony of your time that you and your staff desire. It is particularly important for you to be able to find a way to make wellness a daily, non-negotiable part of your life. This is how we will help not only you, but your family, co-workers and community will also experience better overall health. LWAP operates on the policy of time management is life management. When you connect with us, we dedicate our entire forces on your organization, time management and prioritizing of your life and career. We believe in incorporating wellness practices in all areas for improved overall health and wellness. 


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