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Meet A Queen’s Roundtable Quarterly Symposium Speaker, Glendora Dvine

Glendora has been a nationally accredited licensed counselor since 2007 and board-certified in Telemental Health since 2014. She founded Dvine Systems GA, a mental & behavioral health practice, in 2010. Services to the community were provided face to face before COVID-19; now, counseling services are provided virtually via Telemental Health. Glendora has become recognized for her passion in 2 primary areas 1) Family safeguarding through healthy mental living 2) Coaching mental health professionals in their journey of building, scaling, and growing in Telemental Health.

Glendora started successfully coaching mental health clinicians in 2020 when she launched her masterclass “Build. Scale. Grow. In Telemental Health,” where she has facilitated clinicians in becoming leaders in their community and online through her branding systems VCC. Glendora’s VCC Systems has help clinicians understand the importance of being able to voice their niche, shine with confidence, and talk with competence. Glendora’s system is founded on Visibility, Confidence, and Competence. Helping clinicians conquer the journey of entrepreneurship is Glendora’s goal as their mental health professional coach. Clinicians interested in joining Glendora’s coaching program: dsgeorgia.com or call (678) 212 – 5146. 


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