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Meet Cherrie McRae Who Played Lil Bit In the New Film, “Big Fifty – The DelRhonda Hood Story”

Christina: Can you tell us a little bit about this new movie, American Gangster Presents: Big Fifty – The DelRhonda Hood Story? 

Cher: “Big 50: The DelRhonda Hood Story” is a Biopic about Detroit Trap Queen DelRhonda Hood. It follows her life of hustle & flow in the slums of Detroit.

Christina: How did you land your role? Please give us a little background on your character. 

Cher: I was initially submitted for an entirely different role via a casting site called Casting Networks. In under a week or so from production, I found out that although I did not book the initial role I was submitted for, casting had another character in mind that they had specifically written in. They requested a newly taped audition ASAP for the updated character as they were gearing up to shoot rather quickly. I received the sides (small portions of the script) and went into action. I had to be off-book (memorize material) and in character in a matter of hours. I went to my dear friend and audition coach Chantal Maurice (S/O to CoStar Coaching) taped, edited, and uploaded late that evening. I received a congratulatory phone call much later the following day offering me the role!  Lil Bit is “Big Fifty’s”(starring Remy Ma) homegirl and sidekick whom Fifty hires to be her housekeeper/babysitter to help get her off the street and stay clean and out of trouble. “Bit” as she’s sometimes called, is extremely rough around the edges, a hothead, yet cool to kick it with if she’s down with you. Those who knew her could tell you. You’ll always find her with either a beer or a puff in her hand. One thing about Lil Bit, she goes hard for Fifty. Although she always finds ways to get out of actually working, she appreciates Fifty for taking her off the street and giving her a second chance at life. She’s extremely loyal to Fifty, be it in the streets of Detroit or sitting around the house watching the kids while Fifty handles her business.

Christina: What first interested you in acting? 

Cher: The initial interest that sparked my acting began as a ‘knowing’ feeling. The escape and the adrenaline rush surrounding becoming another person(a). Acting fills a void and provides a freedom no other occupation has ever been able to give me. My very first opportunity at drama/acting was back in 1999 in Miami, Fl. I had returned home for summer break from College (S/O to Florida A&M University). While working at my part-time gig, I met my co-worker, who was an actor. She would always tell me stories about her pursuits on shifts we worked together, and I was both intrigued and captivated. One day she asked what I was doing after work and if I wanted to come with her to the studio where she was filming a series. I admit I was nervous at first and questioned if I should go, but then curiosity and excitement got the best of me, and I took her up on her offer. This exposure, I believe, was the start of something special, where my life as an artist had begun to bud. 

Christina: Do you relate to your character at all? Why or why not? 

Cher: There is a lot of relatability to my character as Lil Bit. Because of the experiences of my youth growing up in Miami, Florida. Survival and aggression were not characteristics hard to come by. The expression that oftentimes we are, “Products of our environment,” held true for myself, relatives, and friends alike. Lil Bit’s persona and mine aligned and intertwined intrinsically and organically. And for mannerisms that weren’t personal fibers, technique and imagination helped to fill in those gaps. 

Christina: What are three things you want others to take away from this movie?


  1. Adverse situations can take a positive turn at any time.
  2. Never judge a person based on their current hardship.
  3. Surround yourself with individuals that uplift versus weigh down.

Christina: What was it like working with Remy Ma, Tank, and the other celebs? 

Cher: Working with Remy (or Rem as I call her) was an organic interaction from the beginning. When it was time to work, we worked; when it was time to converse and enjoy each other’s company, our peers…we all did that. Truthfully, everyone meshed so well, and we honestly built permanent bonds in such a short span of time.

Christina: How can our readers follow your acting journey? 

Cher: You can follow my acting journey in a few ways. Of course social media:

Facebook- @cherrie mcrae, Instagram – @cherriemcrae_ig Twitter – @CherRae, YouTube- c.her.inaction, Website –, IMDb –


Christina: Is there any more news you would like to share with our readers? 

Cher: I have a few more projects dropping in October through 2022, so stay connected:

I have three upcoming feature-length projects and two drama series airing the latter part of this year, top of 2022.

I had the pleasure of directing a short film project that is currently in post-production and another upcoming short film production that I am both producing and directing that’s currently in pre-production slated to shoot in early December.

Lastly, the release of the second installment of my audiobook, “Success Memoirs Vol.2,” late 2021.


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