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These Are The Fierce Females Leading the Path to Financial Literacy & Freedom

While Financial Literacy Month wrapped in April, the topic is of utmost importance year round, especially within our community. So I felt compelled to highlight a few Black women who have been guiding the financial freedom journey through their education. These financial gurus have more than understood the assignment, they’ve been passing along the lessons learned to fellow Black women in an effort for us to take control of our coins and overall welfare. 

It’s no secret that the concept of capitalism was built to keep a select few thriving while deliberately shunning Black people, women especially, from the knowledge and advantages of financial literacy—think as recently of the news that Wells Fargo bank has been notoriously denying Black homeowners refinancing applications for their properties at a significantly higher rate than that of their white counterparts!

Unfortunately these kinds of corrupt attempts to stifle our advancement to the bag is nothing new. However, with more resources as of late we as a people have become more aware of the crippling effects of capitalism, decoding the system to discover the keys that unlock financial stability to bridge the racial wealth gap once and for all. You add the turn of technology with social media and you’ve got a convenient tool to spread the word among us all now.

While making strides with financial literacy is a critical starting point, it’s clear that a complete overhaul in the financial system including fair wages for women and access to better financial positions are necessary to wage the war on the economic disparities we face to create an even playing field. Being financially sound goes beyond the surface level of extravagant pursuits, it creates a wealth of opportunities and advantages otherwise deprived to us: better healthcare, education—a life of ease as opposed to the struggle.These Black women in particular are pushing this agenda to the masses, helping us master the art of making our money work for US while establishing generational wealth, reclaiming what we’re owed, and with interest!

Check out the rundown on the profit gem droppers below: 

Tiffany James – Stock Market Pro & Educator   

After an unpleasant experience in the world of stocks and bonds where older white men have a monopoly on the subject matter, Tiffany James ventured out to continue her education on the stock market, expound her skillset as a market trader and create one of the most impressive stock market education hubs, Modern Black Girl. Tiffany’s acquired earnings during her 3 year process as a stock market pro is equally as impressive, and the young Brooklyn girl from humble beginnings has been driving the price up ever since. Perhaps what’s even more notable is her selfless drive to put fellow Black women and women of color and girls of color on to the game that we’ve largely been left out of, while developing a sisterhood.

Since creating Modern Black Girl and Teen University with COO, Sharlea Brookes in 2020, Tiffany has gone on to teach well over 100,000 women and girls on the ground floor of the stock market and how to successfully invest to earn with the wealth building tool, to take their financial gains to new heights. The contemporary boss shows no signs of slowing down, taking her talents to the west coast to enlighten even more Modern Black Girls on the financial powers of the stock market, with her overall goal being 500,000.

Laquita Scott -Business Coach

Laquita T. Scott is a business coach with a background in real estate, specializing in multiple streams of income and money management. Her online financial education platform seeks to teach individuals a variety of avenues to acquire wealth building assets and passive income with trucking business courses and real estate investing mentorship. Scott also has credit building tools with 4 e-books available on all things credit to accelerate your financial literacy. Debunking typical financial advice, Laquita stresses that one cannot simply “save their way to wealth,” instilling key factors to generate a steady cash flow by leveraging credit and other power moves instead. Not to mention, her instagram posts are always full of solid financial gems and self-accountability touch points to reference. Her success is evidenced by her ability to live life on her terms, and Laquita strives for all of us who are serious about financial stability and wellness to acquire that same liberty.

Dasha Kennedy -Financial Activist/Financial Coach 

The aftermath of a difficult divorce is what pushed Dasha BKA, The Broke Black Girl, to reel in her financial instability and create a life of ease. Not one to shy away from her reality at the time, Dasha embraced her unfortunate financial state by sharing her woes and lessons with her social media following, who could all too relate with her transparency among the flashy lifestyles portrayed by others on the ‘gram. Dasha centers her education around empowering women to go for what they’re worth in wages, and reconsider traditional means of financing with more tailored techniques.

Her no holds barred approach and decade of experience as a default counselor and accountant has allowed 60,000+ Black Millennial women to feel seen, curating a space for them to get honest and serious about altering their financial situations. The Broke Black Girl now offers tools to repair credit with her free credit consultations, Budget Bestie Digital Planner’s and the Step-By-Step Financial Detox program to rid yourself of financial trappings. The list of Black women, and men, who have been creating sound financial education spaces for our community trails beyond the above mentioned —can’t forget to shout out the esteemed panelist of financial experts from SwagHer’s, Her Money Matters Virtual Event, we appreciate your time and  expertise! 





Jasmyne | Hailing from Brooklyn, NY by way of NC, the self-proclaimed, “City Slicker with Southern Hospitality” attributes her love for all things creative and eclectic taste, to the many faces and places she’s encountered in her lifetime. After graduating in 2015 with a degree in  Fashion Merchandising, she embarked on the entrepreneur route and developed JAS PR, a boutique-style, public relations agency in the fall of  2018. Rallying behind rare gems in the fashion, beauty, and non-profit industries, her intent with, JAS PR is to craft compelling stories and campaigns for emerging brands and their owners, that spark awareness and unearth their greatness to the masses. Holding significant support for Black-Owned businesses. Jasmyne lends her communications and writing skills to contribute pieces for publications and blogs while pursuing other entrepreneurial and philanthropic endeavors. In her leisure she’s a foodie, (aspiring) travel buff, and 90s sitcom’s binger!  @jas__pr.



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