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Meet the Creator of the 60 Second Clip N Go, Tina Harris

Argentina “Tina” Harris, licensed cosmetologist, educator and creator of the 60 Second Clip N Go™ hair topper.

Tina created the 60 Second Clip N Go™ as a solution for clients that experience hair loss but didn’t want the confines of a full head wig, the tedious install process and the discomfort of the hair loss being “on display” during the in-person salon visits. Although hair toppers are not new to the industry, the 60 Second Clip N Go™ is unique in that it provides:

  • DIY application in the comfort of your own home
  • Custom fit to cover the specific area impacted by hair loss
  • Select from the gallery and customize to fit the current hair style
  • 60 second application with clips, combs or adhesive
  • More styling options for African American women     

Tina is passionate about providing support and options for women impacted by hair loss – the topper is just the beginning. As we enter August, which is National Hair Loss Awareness Month, Tina will be relaunching her online shop providing more options to choose from. Her mantra is “We Care About What You Care About” and standing to that, she has expanded the line to include more lengths and textures. She is also planning to launch a subscription service that will allow subscribers to get a new topper every 90 days.


Christina: What is your SwagHer? What makes Tina, Tina? 

Tina: My SwagHer is my positive attitude and faith-based outlook on life! I am me because of my ability to bounce back from adversity, inspire others and work toward valuable life solutions is my God-given gift. 

Christina: Why did you create the 60 Second Clip N Go? Where can readers go to purchase? 

Tina: I created the 60 Second Clip N Go™ because I wanted the versatility and the ability to switch my hairstyle often, adding color, length, and density without damaging my hair and spending unnecessary time in the salon. I was so excited after wearing the initial unit that I began offering them to my salon clients. It also became a solution for clients that experience hair thinning and loss. Topper units are available via my website www.stylesontopbeauty.com

Christina: What tips and tricks can you give our readers to help grow their hair back? 

Tina: My first suggestion would be to see a licensed professional, such as a cosmetologist, trichologist, and/or dermatologist, in addition to a dietitian to determine the cause of the hair loss. What is also important is finding hair products that support a clean and healthy scalp in addition to products that add and sustain moisture of the hair strand. People often leave out trimming their ends, but keeping the ends of the hair strand trimmed, as needed, also supports healthy hair growth. Lastly, drinking lots of water, taking vitamin and mineral supplements, and eating a balanced diet will help with healthy hair growth. 

Christina: Have you suffered from hair loss or other hair struggles? If so, what was your experience like, and what did you learn from it? 

Tina: I do suffer from Androgenetic Alopecia, and it has been a source of stress for me as it relates to styling and growing healthy hair. I understand the challenges women face when working around hair loss and still live a full active life. Being a beauty professional, there’s an expectation, a standard, that must be maintained when you’re serving others in that capacity. My hair loss has forced me to come up with solutions to my own problems, in addition to working toward removing the stigma associated with losing your hair. I want women to know that they are not alone, this is not their fault, and they can move on from here. 

Christina: Who or what inspires you daily? 

Tina: I’m inspired daily by the women who send me messages letting me know how my products have greatly improved their quality of life, lifted their self-confidence, and inspired them to share their stories with others. I feel good knowing that they trust myself and my brand enough to open up and share their experience about something so sensitive such as hair loss.

Christina: What are some staple hair care products all women should have? Tina: All women need a daily moisturizing hair product. African American hair is so fragile due to the genetic constructs and maintaining moisture is imperative to the health and growth of our hair. Adding a clarifying shampoo paired with a deep moisturizing conditioner is necessary to remove build-up and restore the moisture and oils lost during shampooing. I would also suggest a heat protectant for naturals who use heating tools to style their hair. 

Christina: Do you have any advice for young women who want to get into the cosmetology field? 

Tina: Yes! My advice for new cosmetologists is to find a mentor. Finding a mentor will give any new professional an up close and personal view into the reality of being a beauty professional. Beauty schools don’t spend a ton of time teaching new professionals about the business and finance aspect of being an entrepreneur. I would also advise all new professionals to be open to constructive critique from more experienced professionals; this will help them determine what works and what does not. I advise future cosmetologists to invest in themselves throughout their careers, learn and absorb as much information as possible, and don’t be afraid to change or take risks! 

Christina: Do you have any upcoming events or projects you would like our readers to know about? 

Tina: I am always looking for opportunities to partner with other industry professionals to promote awareness around hair loss. I look forward to partnering with other community organizations in the future that take a holistic approach as it relates to hair loss, hair replacement, and total health restoration. My team and I are working on local collaborations, and we are also open to virtual opportunities. 

Christina: Is there anything else you would like to add? 

Tina: I want women who suffer from hair loss to know that you are not alone. You have options available to help restore and maintain dignity and to support a healthy quality of life. 


Connect with Tina below: 

Website: www.stylesontopbeauty.com 

Instagram: @stylesontopbeautyllc 

Facebook: @stylesontopbeauty 

LinkedIn: Styles OnTop


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