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Michelle Harris Deadwiler: A Woman of Many Hats

Michelle Harris Deadwiler is a woman who wears many hats. She is the CEO of a woman-owned CDL school, a truck driver, and the founder of the nonprofit TRADE. Her story is inspiring, showing how hard work, dedication, and perseverance can lead to success.

Michelle’s innovative spirit is transforming the transportation industry with her bold mission to give opportunities for second chances to many people. She has ruthlessly pushed the boundaries of what anyone ever thought possible, not only achieving each milestone she set for herself but exceeding them with flying colors. Her passion and enthusiasm for her field have resulted in a lucrative cooperative buildup with other influential industry members, leading to shared success that is a testament to her unwavering commitment.

Michelle’s accomplishments are truly inspirational. She has gone from trucking to philanthropy and has reminded us all that anything is achievable when you put your heart into it. Her achievements are a testament to her dedication and determination, and she is a role model for anyone who wants to achieve their dreams.


Tammy: What is your favorite place you have visited while working? And why?

Michelle: My favorite place I ever delivered to was Cape Cod. See, I never traveled until I got in the truck, so some places I knew of from television and heard of Cape Cod on TV, but I thought it was made up like Gilligan’s Island. So, when I saw this was real, I was blown away, and it was beautiful. It felt like I had crossed over in a dream or that what I thought was a dream was now a reality.

Tammy: You are passionate about prison reform. What changes do you feel can be made to better opportunities for those both in and now out of prison systems?

Michelle: My job would be easier if I had access to the people I want to help before they are released. This would give me the ability to help with more resources for them. And also if the state would make it easier to receive a class license for people coming home from prison. Because the people we help have to start from ground zero, and they need their regular driver’s licenses. If we could also have some considerable kickback for big companies that hire ex-felons recently released. This would be so much better because sometimes, even with training, the driver, if recently released, has to wait at least one year before obtaining a driving job due to the nature of the crime committed.

Tammy: Let’s talk about TRADE. Is that an acronym for something, and what was the inspiration behind creating this nonprofit

Michelle: TRADE means Teach, Redirecting, Accountability, Destiny, and Exposure. Our youth group teaches teens and young adults how to respond to situations, not just react out of their feelings, and use alternative methods to express their feelings instead of violence. We want to help our youth make better choices in life.

Tammy: What do you hope to accomplish through your nonprofit organization?

Michelle: Our goal in this group is to bring positive exposure to our youth. We want to be an answer to the problems we see in our youth, and we want to offer our resources to help solve these problems. Our long-term goal is to TRADE youth in every state to help as many teens as possible.

Tammy: You love to cook. What is your favorite dish/meal to cook?

Michelle: I love to cook mac and cheese, and I love to eat it. I have a special recipe from my grandmother, and I always get asked to cook it at all the family functions because I am the best at doing it, and again I love it.

Tammy: You work hard and are a family-first person. What do you do for yourself for self-care?

Michelle: Self-care for me is getting my hair and nails done monthly. I make myself commit to once a month. It’s hard, but I do it. I have to stay committed to a wind-down session like hair and nails, or else this world of mine can get tangled fast.

Tammy: What’s next for you?

Michelle: What’s next for me is more franchises of my school, getting my school in south Africa up and running, and providing the women in South Africa with the independence of drive to provide for their families. I am working on another book, and I just finished the yearly planner I plan to put out to help women like myself to live happily and be on time. I am definitely planning a women s empowerment group.

Tammy: How can people connect with you? And do you have anything upcoming that you would like to share with our readers?

Michelle: You can connect with me on all social media platforms at three rivers trucking school and Michelle Deadwiler on all social media platforms. I have a vision board conference coming up in January. I will post all the details soon. I will be doing a lot with my youth group, and I will be around. I am staying busy.



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