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Naisha Correa: A Latina Entrepreneur and Momager Making Waves in E-commerce and Beauty


Naisha Correa is a true force to be reckoned with in the entertainment industry. The multi-talented actress, model, and producer based in Tri-State has been juggling multiple projects from a very young age. Currently, Naisha is a Talent Producer for 8 At The Table/8 After Dark, a Producer for a major fashion brand, and a Producer for Jim Jones aka Capo’s upcoming show, “Beat The Odds”. She is also represented by I’m Next Modeling & Talent, a company that specializes in developing talent.

Naisha’s passion for the spotlight began as a child while pursuing dancing, acting, and singing. Her love for being the center of attention led her to accomplish goals early on in life as class president, winning awards in talent shows and productions, and even winning Miss Teen Jersey 2003. Despite facing challenges as a young mom, Naisha gained a fresh perspective to achieve new levels of success and happiness.

In 2017, Naisha re-entered the world of modeling and acting, appearing in several films and television shows, including Law and Order and Blue Bloods. One of her most successful ventures is the hit web series 8 At The Table, where she initially began as a talent and later moved into talent acquisition and production. Her vibrant and magnetic personality made her a standout on the show, giving her the edge she needed to spot the perfect addition to the diverse cast.

Naisha is building a career in entertainment and businesses from the ground up in the e-commerce and beauty world. As a momager, she involves her daughters in the business, teaching them to be young entrepreneurs. Naisha wants to set an example for her children and other women to create their own roads to success.

Naisha’s journey continues with several projects currently in production. When she is not working on set or creating new avenues for success, you can catch her traveling and spending time with her daughters and hanging with her better half, DJ Suss One. To keep up with Naisha’s projects and business endeavors, follow her on Instagram @Naishaontheset.



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