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Pastor Mike Todd’s ‘Relationship Goals’ to Start Production in June

Banner image of Relationship Goals book with Pastor Mike Todd on the cover.

Pastor Mike Todd announced that the movie Relationship Goals: How To Win At Dating, Marriage, and Sex will start production in June of this year. It was initially announced in 2021 that the film would accompany his New York Times Best-Selling guide for “long-lasting love and sustaining relationships,” which is based on his sermons at his church, Transformation Church.

The Pastor made this announcement about two weeks ago during his Fresh Fruit series during his sermon about tithing. As he gave another $100,000 to a deserving upcoming church, he explained that he can be generous because of how God has blessed him and that not all his money comes from the church.

In the 2021 announcement, it was shared that movie producer and author, Devon Franklin would be developing the movie with Amazon Studios. Pastor Mike noted in his recent announcement that a movie was always part of the plan from the beginning. 

However, while the book reads more like a guide that includes stories of couples Pastor Mike has helped and other scenarios, the Transformation Church leader says this will be a “movie, movie,” meaning it will be scripted with actors and actresses and a storyline. 

He also added that the movie is not for church people. “You can’t clean a fish you haven’t caught. So, I’m not making this movie for church people,” says the Tulsa, Oklahoma, preacher. He explained that this movie is to connect with those who may need more God in their lives. 

While it is a scripted movie, the studios will come to Transformation Church to film some parts of their church services, so Pastor Mike says he just wanted the church to be informed so they would know to expect them. 

Watch Transformation Church online. 

Watch Pastor Mike Todd’s sermon on tithing where he makes the announcement below.

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