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Should You Watch “The Suicide Squad”?

When we last saw our rag-tag team of convicts, they were saving the world from Enchantress, an ancient witch set on taking over the world. The villains turned good guys, saved the day without losing a few of their own first. Now we’re back, with an almost all-new crew of villains, coerced by the infamous Amanda Waller, to do her bidding and save the world. 

We start the film off with a host of new characters except for Harley Quinn, Digger Harkness, and Rick Flag, who made their debut in the first movie. These characters are nowhere near as important in the comics as the ones in the previous film. We have Savant (hand to hand combat & weapons expert), Javelin (who uses a javelin as a weapon), Blackguard (the dumbest mercenary to walk the planet), T.D.K. (can detach his arms from his body), Mongal (an alien), and Weasel (who is literally a biped weasel). 

About 10 minutes into the film, you get a bloodbath, where the aforementioned group is almost completely annihilated by the army of Corto Maltese, which is where they were sent for their mission. Shortly after, we pan over to the other side of the island where the real Task Force X, the real heavy hitters, are quietly moving through the island since the entire island’s army is distracted by the diversion that is the other team on the other side of the island.

Here are the characters that actually last longer than 10 minutes. They consist of: the delectable and handsome, Bloodsport (mercenary and gun expert played by Idris Elba), Rat Catcher 2 (can control rats), Nanaue (a biped shark who can talk and has insane strength), The Polka Dot Man (is infected with an interdimensional virus that will eat him alive if it’s not expelled twice a day), and Peacemaker (guns and hand to hand combat expert). The team is later joined by Harley Quinn and Rick Flag, completing Task Force X, the black ops team sent to Corto Maltese to destroy Project Starfish. 

Now that you have a little background info let me get into whether or not this movie is worth your time. If you saw the prequel to this film and were disappointed, then fret not, my friends, this film was significantly better. 

Even though the characters are lesser-known in the comics, each character played a detrimental role in the film rather than just being a placeholder. Now you may ask yourself, Kaitlan, how the fuck does The Polka Dot Man play an important role in the film? Because he fucking does, and if you wait, you’ll find out why. On top of that, the plot was much more cohesive than the first film. 

Harley, who is one of the most relevant and popular characters in the DC Universe, had a significant life change in her feature film, “Birds of Prey,” which carried on into “The Suicide Squad.” She recognizes her shortcomings and realizes that she doesn’t have to settle for men who treat her like shit. Coincidentally, the man she meets in this movie does not treat her like shit. However, he does exhibit some red flags. He says things like, “I’ll send my enemies and their families and children to feed the beast.” To which Harley realizes that if this man is evil enough to send little kids to their death, it doesn’t matter how well he treats me. So she shoots him in the chest with a wild west type handgun because killing your toxic boyfriend is the only logical explanation. 

Rick Flag also has significant character development. A colonel who has dedicated his life to serving his country at any cost comes to the stark realization that rather than serving his country, he’s become its puppet. Colonel Flag finds out information that shows that his purpose in life is a lie. Poor Colonel Flag was blind to the idea that he could be exploited by the country that he loved. 

Character-wise, they had so much more to offer in this movie, and the characters weren’t just one-dimensional. It was really nice to see from a film, especially when you only have this movie to connect with certain characters. This isn’t the Marvel Universe where there are movies intricately webbed together. 

The movie antagonist. Starro, the Conqueror, is an alien starfish that releases extensions of itself to take on hosts and grow bigger and bigger. The gag is that US astronauts were the ones who captured Starro, to begin with, and rather than conduct experiments with the alien on American soil, they sent it to Corto Maltese to be dealt with there. It turns out the entire point of the mission is to destroy all evidence of US involvement with the horrific torture and experiments being conducted with Starro. What a surprise that the villain the entire time was the US government.

“The Suicide Squad” takes risks on a Deadpool-Esque level that you wouldn’t see from the more family-friendly Marvel Universe. They drop F-bombs, call each other pussies, and we even get to see a soldier get torn in half by King Shark. The film is gritty, a little over the top at times but still probably one of the most fun movies we’ll get all year. 

So if you want to have fun and get an action-packed movie that’ll make you laugh, make you smile and make you sympathize with villains, then this is the film for you. You’ll want to watch it more than once for sure. Idris Elba and John Cena are a comedic duo that you wouldn’t expect. As usual, Margot Robbie lights up the screen and has chemistry with anyone lucky enough to be in her gravitational pull. 

I rate “The Suicide Squad” an 8/10 because the improvements from the first squad are so drastic, and I love me some Idris Elba. 

Article Written By: Kaitlan Darby |@blackmambacreative


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