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Sisterhood Series: RaySean’s Story

SwagHer’s Sisterhood Series spotlights the dynamic bonds of sisterhood between Black women through user-generated content from our networks in anticipation of our upcoming Sisterhood issue.

I’m RaySean. Thank you for the opportunity to share my sisterhood story. These are my sisterfriends, Chrissy, Tumey, Nova, and Tameka. When I published my first book in 2015, they were there to celebrate me. Since then, we have become the (WIGs) #worthitgirls (a unit).

Raysean and friends display sisterhood
Submitted by RaySean.
For nine years, we have been praying and sharing scripture faithfully via Marco Polo and each one of us has a day of the week to pray. Also, we talk via group chat every day sharing stories and laughs. We celebrate each others’ birthdays, kid’s birthdays, anniversaries, promotions, and other accomplishments.

We experience life together by traveling the world and recently we’ve started taking day trips together. We encourage and push one another to greater; such as exercising together, staying healthy, or starting a new endeavor. We hold one another accountable. We are there for one another during times of loss and other life-changing events. As I just turned 50 years old, I realized that I don’t have much family, but these ladies have become my sisters for life.

Ray Clark 



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