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Becoming Spiritually Fit, Part Two

Lydia FordWelcome back to the Spiritually Fit series! Bringing you powerful Christian Influencers to follow in 2022! Meet Lydia Ford. Creator of The Lydia Ford Show, reaching young Christians through inspiration and faith-building tools.

Roughly 8 years ago, Lydia Ford started The Lydia Show on Youtube. This was a venture to share her personal story of being a young Christian in high school. During her junior year of college is when the focus of her YouTube channel shifted. This shift was due to a Lydia taking a step and becoming consecrated as a missionary within her denomination, the Church of God in Christ.

With such a major responsibility, Lydia wanted to find a way to stay true to herself and her generation, while also creatively spreading the Gospel. She noticed that there was a void for young Christians like herself. The lack of tools available for a young Christian to study and grow in knowledge were indeed evident. She wanted to fill that void.

Taking a Leap of Faith

Changing the name of her Youtube channel to “Life in the Word” really took off. “Life in the Word” provided inspirational, digital resources to help with Bible study, devotion, and the overall strengthening of one’s spiritual walk.

Still maintaining her Youtube channel, Lydia decided to branch out into other digital platforms and create content on Instagram and TikTok. With an extended reach, she began to create relatable, fun, and entertaining content with the purpose of carrying inspiring messages. Through her content, viewers see the beauty of being a young Christian. Her highest viral video on TikTok achieved over 391,000 views – with the re-creation of the “No Sleep Challenge” using various outfits worn to church. 

What’s the Secret?

The devout Christian Influencer credits her success to being inspired by God. The algorithm of social media is ever-changing and can be really difficult to navigate. Lydia finds herself not so much worried about the numbers, but more concerned with making content that will reach her audience of Gen Z and Millennial followers on a personal level. Her content is a way to bridge the gap with other generations as well as other religions.  

How does she do it all?

It is Lydia’s endeavor to continue providing the basics and characteristics of the Christian perspective. To do this, Lydia’s personal life requires a lot of balance. Lydia is a 3rd-grade teacher, newly engaged, has responsibilities to her church on various levels and her family. She makes a major effort at prioritizing her time. She works to be intentional with her time to make sure everything stays afloat. A word of encouragement that helps Lydia is “Be okay with your shovel – being the first to hit the dirt”.

Check out the Lydia Ford Show on Youtube!

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/c/LyDiaFordShow

Follow Lydia on IG: @LydiaCFord

Don’t forget TikTok: @LydiaCFord

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