Sunday, July 14, 2024

Sunday Set Up: Episode 5

On Episode 5 of the Sunday Set Up, Dawn Michelle kicked off the episode with some housekeeping items and told the audience that her show is a safe place for positivity and good vibes.


She recapped some things happening in the news like Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi’s husband, Paul Pelosi, being attacked in their home. Reports say the attacker was looking for Nancy. Many speculate the hate-filled rhetoric from those opposing Democrats was the catalyst for this attack. She also spoke on Elon Musk taking over Twitter. Reports say the use of the “N-word” has allegedly increased by over 500% since the ownership change. Good ole freedom of speech is taken to the extreme.


Dawn then spoke of the latest news from the world of Kanye West. Allegedly several prominent brands have decided to part ways with him after his not-so-kind remarks about Jewish people. Kanye has since apologized to the Jewish community and later apologized to the Black community about his comments on the manner in which George Floyd was killed.


The guest for the evening is Brandy Johnson. Brandy is a CPT, M. Ed, a Georgia Peach, a graduate of Florida A&M University, lover of food, music, and health and wellness. Brandy is a wife and mother of two. A dedicated fitness professional with a passion for improving one’s overall quality of life through education and awareness, Brandy is a certified personal trainer (CPT) and Wellness Coordinator consulting and delivering high-energy training programs for clients from adolescent to geriatric demographic groups.


The two chatted about giving yourself grace during your fitness journey. Brandy suggests starting small and making lifestyle changes instead of dieting. She then spoke about how she balances being a wife, mother, and personal trainer. She also shared the importance of being a positive example for your children as they want to do what they see you do. The mom and trainer makes staying fit fun for her family, and they also meal prep together. 


Brandy emphasizes that getting active can do wonders for your mental and the importance of taking care of yourself first. Brandy is available virtually or in person for training, and her company also offers a meal prep service.

About Dawn Michelle

Dawn Michelle is a Philly native that spent most of her adult years in New York City. She is a wife, bonus mom, HR professional, and day-of wedding and event coordinator. She previously owned a bakery in NYC, where she supplied businesses like Melbas of Harlem and with her tasty treats.


She began her professional career in 1996 with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, followed by many years with Hyatt Hotels. Her education ranges from Hospitality Management to Human Resource Management. In her 9-5, she has been able to mesh her passion for creating a meaningful experience with recruiting early in career talent for a major manufacturing company. She has recently found joy in panel moderations and voiceovers.


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